Week 14: I think we’ve about got this rascal finished.


For our final week’s project, tell the story of your semester. Put together the story of your experience in ds106. Did you make something that you wouldn’t have thought possible a few months ago? What were you most proud of? What gave you the most trouble? What were your struggles? What were your triumphs? Your joys? What were your happy accidents? Most importantly, what do you take away from the experience? Those questions are just to get you thinking and reflecting. You don’t need to answer them literally or as they are stated. You get to decide how you want to frame your story. It’s your story. Make it how you want. But you should look for ways to showcase the skills you have developed as you relate your story of what you have made, and learned from making it. Can you find ways to incorporate design, audio editing, video production, image editing, writing with hyperlinks? Think of this blog post as a semester summary. This will be due at the usual time on Friday, 4/22, but if you need extra time, just let me know.

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