The Best of Week 12

This is our last list of top posts for the semester, so I thought I’d take an overview of all the votes. Almost everyone got picked at one point or another, so as we noted a few weeks ago, everyone’s a winner. But a special shout out should go to Tilly, Olivia, Lindsay, Katie, Jenny, Emma, Bird, Wade, and Zoe for making the charts so often. Awesome work, everyone!

You’re Welcome!

Awesome, Dude! Masterful! How did you know exactly which S.T. episode to go too? Those are perfect cuts, and how you got the Oscars on the screen so well–it’s impressive. Really cool….

Caught me off-guard, but it ended up fitting pretty well.

Two Worlds Colliding…Mashup

The photo was so cool! I would buy a poster of it

It looks slightly uncanny but also so natural!

X-Men: The Live-Action Series

Lots of super heros this week! I liked the editing done in this video and they did an excellent job on the assignment!

This video was one of the coolest I’ve seen! the music and cuts and clips were so good!

Superhuman in Every Day Life

I liked the creativity of this post, and being truthful, I like The Hulk…

It looks so natural!

Remix–Amy’s Online Thoughts

This is hilarious–I love it! So funny and clever on so many levels. Your sense of humor is priceless, and because your work is so good, you pulled off the great joke.

Christmas in March?

I love how she walked us through her process, what she downloaded and to what software. Very informational and creative.

Stop and Listen

Very good poster for this course, you could use it as a handout

Dancing Queen of Moonlit Times

Excellent cuts to create a wonderful poem/lyrics that worked out perfectly. You’re right, you didn’t need 2 minutes. You did a a great product in a short piece and it’s obvious a lot of work went into this. The transitions from cut to cut are seamless.

Cooking show: but sassy

I loved that they were making it light heartedly, throwing the fruit in, kicking the juice bottle, etc. I also thought their opener looked really clean and honestly a little too put together for how the rest of the video went, haha.

I’m Back For Good.(Week 11 Extension)

I liked the story behind this one and the video looked good.

Exercise and Socialize Mashup with Posters

I remember doing this assingment from last week, and I think this person did an excellent job of making a mashup assingment!

Jurcatsic Park


Gardening for beginners

I will say the title to this post is very misleading because this video had nothing to do with gardening in the slightest. But, I do love flowers, and making decorations out of them even once they dry up a little bit, so love the reusable aspect. The music in the background was awesome, made me wish I had done that!

Another Day + Subtle Switcheroo

They were very creative with this post and the storytelling was great. I liked how they used the remix they got.

Nonconformity + Dr. Seuss It


Similar Songs

I liked how the songs flowed together. It made it seem like it was one song instead of multiple.

Clear and Hidden Messages



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