Week 5 Posts of the Week Countdown (or up, as the case may be)

Once again, 35 different posts were selected for Post of the Week. This time, 12 had multiple votes. It was nice to see ds106radio bumpers make the list. I’m wondering about uploading them to the server, along with some other audio work, to make a ds106 hour. It also makes me happy that zombies made the list.


Chattery Cafe

Wow. The sounds were so perfectly put together that I could definitely imagine being in a cafe.

A very lively piece. I can hear so many individual sounds in this piece that go together so well that it’s incredible.

The goal was to make the listener feel like they were in a coffee shop or café. I would have to say that it was achieved and I loved all the different sounds layered within this short clip.

The sound was so immersive and creative. It was simple yet had so much happening in it

Cooking Dinner

I love how all the sounds are so familiar that I can picture them exactly even though I can’t see it happening and how well put together it is.

I really liked the sounds that I heard in the process of cooking dinner. I could definitely point out certain sounds, like foil, a microwave, a gas stove being lit, water from the sink faucet, stirring and more. I think this one was very creative and I think it will make me listen to the sounds I make now when I cook.

This was a very clever and personal idea. Honestly, I think Grace should submit this type of project as an audio assignment. I think it’s great.

Ocean Beat

I love water so I loved this mix!

The beat was funky and cool. And I love the ocean

I liked this post because it was a really fun idea to take sounds of water and compile it into audio made solely from those sounds. It was really nicely done and I liked the beat that was made.

Zombie Battle

It sounds so real and clean! It almost makes you feel like you’re the one battling zombies!

This was so realistic. I love it! I can just see everything that’s happening just from the sounds.

This was such a creative post. I really liked the zombie sounds

muffled music

She did a really good job of editing it to sound like it was coming from another room.

The audio was spot on. It definitely sounded like a muffled song.

I appreciate this post because I tried it but couldn’t get it to sound how I wanted so kudos to you! It sounds great!

Life is a rollercoaster

I would say this post was the most inspiring, because of the connections I could make with the sounds. I think it really demonstrated how life is a rollercoaster, through the rough, chaotic, but happy sounds. I think we can all vouch for these feelings in life. It was very well put together.

I liked how this created distance for the listener, like they were not on the ride, but standing below it.

Lake House Relaxation

I like the sounds of this post, they definitely are me want to relax. I feel like I was able to create feeling toward the sounds and I could envision the atmosphere. I think that this was one of the best posts for this week.

This one had personal meaning to me because it reminded me of my trip to Honduras this past summer, which was neither at a lake nor necessarily “relaxing” but the sounds capture a lot of what I heard.

Get ur Polaroid!

Having a Polaroid is any 80s photographer’s dream! It’s old fashioned and stylish! This commercial is amazing!

Watch Out

The effort put forth and the audio turned out very well

The audio she created was so creepy. I honestly couldn’t listen to it fully because I was home alone and dark and I was scared.

Radio Bumper

This radio bumper is fantastic! I’m kind of jealous at how good it turned out!

I liked the flare at the end, it was fun and added something I wasn’t expecting

DS106 Radio Bumper

This sounded like something someone would actually hear on the radio today. It was amazing!

The original jazz composition created for this bumper is outstanding!

Audio Assignments: All the Relaxation

The audio was surrounding and felt as if I was really out camping

I thought the editing was very well done. It was an incredibly atmospheric piece and I really enjoyed listening to it.

3’s A Band

It was put together so well.

Stay Calm

Audio Assignment: Play DJ & Make A Song

This was such an awesome beat.

Radio Show Ideas

As with the last post I voted for, I also really like these topics. I love to talk about music and two of the proposal ideas were about it. I would love to do any of these topics when the time comes.

Stay hydrated

This was a really creative idea for the story with sounds!

Friday = Movie Night

At first I was not a fan of the static being so overpowering, but then I thought of it as watching movies as a family by a fireplace.

My Radio Show

Radio Bumper

This bumper was so cool with how they had the music over top of their voice.


This post is really creative. I tried the assignment but couldn’t figure it out so this was impressive to me.

Audio With an Impact

A terrific breakdown.

ds106 Radio Bumper

I think this sounds really good!

Time to Chill

Radio Bumper for Radio Fans

This sounded so legit in terms of radio bumpers I hear on a daily basis.

At the Diner

You can tell they put a lot of work into this, and it turned out really well! It showed a lot of creativity to pick so many different sounds and get them to all work well together.

British Man Orders Food

The Sounds of Horror

it’s getting on my nerves

Maddie did a great job of compiling and putting together noises that make her uncomfortable.

The Pandemic Pod

I liked this post because the radio show proposal is very relevant to what’s happening now. It is a topic all students can relate to and the title is very clever.

A riot disrupts afternoon tea

I love how the sounds in this video all provide a sense of buildup and tension, knowing that a riot could break out at any second. The ticking clock and kettle are two examples of this.

ds106 Radio Bumper

It gave me old timey feelings and I love it.


Very creative


This turned out really well – it sounded just like ambient music you’d hear on Spotify.

Radio Show Ideas

Great post looking forward.

Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story

Having created loud and ominous audio throughout this week, I found it refreshing to hear something tranquil and relaxing. Jasmyne’s careful use of sound effects, including birds chipping, bugs buzzing, and leaves rustling in the wind, lends itself to a very immersive audio experience.

About Radio Bumper DJ Walk Style

The fact that he used all his work for the audio is so impressive.

Sounds of a chase

This was so clever and so well put together!!

Sounds of a Vacation

This audio was put together really well. When I was listening to it I felt like I was there on the vacation.

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