Twenty-seven of Nine

…or it would be if one more person voted. Still, there is a lot of great work here. Personally, I like what everyone did with the connected Daily Creates, and with the reworked assignments. We are a winner!

Revisiting My Work & Self Reflection

I loved the thought you put into the assignment revisions! I think it was very reflective!

There was a lot of detail in the revisits which I really liked. It seems like there was a lot of thought put into which assignments they wanted to look at.

Revisiting My Trip

A really cool idea to memorialize a trip. I’m big into maps and where I’ve been on the road, so I’m going to do this in the future! Thanks for creating this assignment!

I loved the original one, so I was excited to see another one of these. I like how it was a more recent experience! It seems like a lot of thought goes into making these.

Sounds of 2 Days

It was a great mash-up of two different days of sounds, a rework of the original assignment. Very interesting and intriguing–kept my interest and the two tracks sounded like one was backing up the other, then switching. Really cool

I like the way this assignment was recorded. It is using real sounds the person experienced and I think that their idea of making this assignment was very creative!

MTV Stands for Monster Tele-Vision inc.

That is SO cool to unbake a recipe! It took me a minute to figure out what you were doing and then in the end, to heal an apple!! Genius! I’m guessing the music was played backwards, too?

Totally Normal Teenage Boy Take 2, Electric Boogaloo

It was already a fun post and for the rework they cut out nearly half of the original. Always wanting to say things in the wordiest way possible, so I know how hard this must have been.

I didn’t read this before, I thought it was a very interesting read. We always have to go back and edit.

A New Approach

I love both the original and new one, because of the color choice.

That thing with the alphabet is so cool. I’ve never heard of it and it would take me forever to come up with something like that.

Van Gogh Take 2

I liked the style and choice of the art work, and I think that they did a great reworking of their assignment!

Boshi’s Island

It was pleasant to listen to and I liked how well it went with the animation included with it.

Daily Creates… Into A Story

I loved the narrative, it was very fun!

Top Secret

I am so excited to see this as a final project!

blueberries have always been very polite to me

This was very creative and imaginative!!!

Sunday Radio Show Reflection

I liked the thoughts she had about the groups show. I think it was really cool how she added the quality of the sound made it seem like it was produced with high tech equipment

Look Ma! See What I Learned!?!

I liked how positive this post felt. Also it really demonstrated how much the creator improved, which in a journey and a story in and of itself.

Stories Created from Dailies

The story was so fun!!

Conspiracy Theories

I liked how she offered a critique to the groups show. It was nice to see her say what she liked but also what didnt go as well for them

Gandalf and Pippin Vol 2

Revised Assignments

Huge improvement. Even though it wasn’t that much work to change, the context definitely added a lot.

Creative Connections

I’m just a bit biased since I think Tilly is super cool.. But this post was cool, too! I read the entire thing, even though it was long. It was worth it.


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