21:12 – “I can’t wait to share this new wonder”

We had 21 posts picked for the best of week 12, so I figured it was appropriate to quote Rush. While I am not a holiday person myself, many people enjoyed holiday mashups this week, so good for them! It looks like our friends Grace and Kylie had the biggest fan clubs over the course of the semester, so let’s give them special congratulations. But everyone else deserves a hand as well for the creative work they’ve done so far.

The Best Time of the Year

I did this assignment too, and it was fun to see other holidays used. It was edited really well too.

I think this was the most creative post this week. I really liked how there was a merge between different holidays, it demonstrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Not only that, but the visual was great, in terms of putting all of these different things together into one.

He blended all the holidays together really nicely. The photoshopped is clean and smooth!

Mood swing

This is creative and fun

I love the emoji’s they chose!

Uhhh, is this the right movie???

I love the image they chose to edit the Scream title and tagline onto. They work very well together.

I loved the creativity of this assignment and how it made a sort of oxymoron.

Happy Holidays

I just thought this one was so creative and fun. At first glance, it doesn’t even look like different holidays. The poster subtly reveals the other holidays when you stop to look at the details.

I really liked this- she picked the Holidays that we most of the time already blend together so it made the most sense. Grace also added gifs and pictures which is a plus!

Open House

This was a really funny post. It looked exactly how a house listing would look, and she used the worst listing pictures anyone could possibly find.

This is suitably terrible, but that was the point of the assignment, so it’s really fantastic!

Wait What

these movie scenes were perfect for this assignment! They don’t belong together, but for this assignment they totally do!

Great choice of material to mash up. The images chosen pair very well together


The writing on the poster really fits! I almost thought is was an original because of how well edited it was!

This poster was very well put together. Everything flows and despite being a compilation of several movies, it goes together like a puzzle.

Country Bob

I really like how creative this is! He keeps improving this project, and I love it!

This is so fun!

Holiday Mashup

This is cute

Mix it up!

This was fun to see!


This one made me laugh! I think both images were perfectly matched for each other!

Changing it up!

She did really well swapping moods. I also liked that she gave context/descritpion for each version of the picture.

Número Dos

This was awesome how they were able to translate it over to Spanish.


The Star Wars and DC universes come together in DC!

Uncle Bob Remix

It was a funny idea to use Bob Ross in this assignment.

Merry Hallowgiving!

The picture was very well done with all the cutouts and layering.


I love this post, it definitely had some humor to it. In my opinion, I think this was the best post this week. I like how exaggerated it was and the video went great with the audio.

Emoji Friends

I think this was the most inspiring post for this week. I really enjoyed seeing her friends depict the different emojis. After seeing how fun and creative they were, it made me wish I had done this assignment.

Boston… by Jackson Pollack?

I love these two images together! I especially love the colors from Pollack

Breakfast in American Redux

This is a very well made piece of art. Great use of color and brushwork.

Movie Mashup

Love the movie mashup idea here!


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