The Top of the Ninth

The top twenty-two from week nine! There was lots of appreciation for Bob Ross art, along with dinosaurs, dairy, aliens and superheroes. Another week of joy in ds106…

Design Assignment (Rework)

She did a great job on her rework. Just the small details she added elevated the magazine cover so much.

The improvement that was made to this assignment made such a big difference.

The design is perfection! The typeface, along with the colors, and of course the photograph is great! It looks like a real magazine cover, and one that you would find on the shelves.

Graphic Girl Revisited

I think that this post was very creative and took some time and effort. I like how the new outcomes of the assignment, showed more detail. I think that this was on the best ones I have seen this week. It also, just seemed like a fun assignment to revisit.

I love the new t-shirt, I think it is much more cohesive. I also like the new Bob Ross painting-the dinosaurs in the background are great!

The work that was done to improve the assignments was so thought out. This work made such a good impact.

Happy Fall

The fall theme was such a good idea for the story line.

I really liked the Fall theme, of the daily create story. I enjoyed the many different types of digital creativity, like the GIF, Checkbox art, and quote. They all cohesively came together, even though they were different types of media. This post was the most inspiring to me, out of the bunch.

I love how these three daily creates all formed a fall story!

Another Bob Ross moment!

This is a very creative short story using this week’s Daily Creates!

We love alien abducted Bob Ross


Nicely done!

A Little Improvement

The new logo is really well thought-out and looks professional. This was one of the radio shows I listened to and I feel that it matches the idea of the show.

I like the new poster they made. The design is visually appealing and easy to understand. I think it looks nice.

Superman? Are you there?

I thought Meredith did a great job connecting her Daily Creates and telling a story through them.

I don’t know if Daily Creates count but I really thought Meredith did great work on her daily creates this week. The theme was ties together amazingly.

Revisiting Batdonald’s


I don’t even know why this was so funny. I read the name and started laughing. Also the satisfaction in his face, the firm grasp on the bag. I love it.

Color Changer Rework

Seeing the two images next to each other was really cool! I love how soft the colors look in the new one.

Some more sunshine

I did the same assignment a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun with it. Haylie’s songs really fit her mood and it is a playlist I would definitely listen to!

Still My Happy Place

They way Haylie described her happy place made me feel like I was there.

Before and After (redone)

I really like that it is simple and ties into her daily creates… fall

A Not so Mundane Monday

I think the poem and the background fit perfectly and the improvements are good

National Day on Writing: A Daily Create Story

It was obvious that she put a lot of thought and effort into this fun, silly story.

Postcard: Revisited

It was really awesome seeing how the artist overcame some of the issues they faced when making the original postcard. The photo selected is very nice and the design of the text does a good job complimenting it.

Project Ideas

I really liked Lyndsey’s ideas for her final project. I wish I had thought of some of the music related ones myself as I was struggling to come up with my own ideas.

Assignment Redux

I really like this new form of currency!

pumpkin logo

I thought her design was simple and well done. Maybe with some added contact info, it could be a business card.

Egg Carton Bob Ross 2.0

This is so creative and fun! What a unique way to tie in the theme of the class.

My sound effects story, but this time more on brand

I like the sound effects that were incorporated within this story. The sounds were very accurate and it created a sort of complexity. I found this to be the most creative assignment this week.


This is wild!

New and Improved

I really like the song! It has a cool beat!



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