The tops of week 10

It is sad that so few people gave input to the posts of the week, because it implies that many people missed all the great work that had been done this week. One quote I want to highlight is “I do not think my essay was the best. I enjoyed this assignment and learned alot!” Few people look at movies analytically, as we did last week, so when we try it, we do it as beginners. Maybe what we come up with isn’t as good as what Zhou did, but that’s not really what it was about. It’s about the process and the learning. What we get out doing the video essay is more than what we make, and the insights we gain through the process have real lasting value.


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This post was super in depth, and I especially enjoyed it because I watched Cailyn go through the process of making it!

i love the way she used little sound effects and pieces of music to make the video fun. you can tell she was just really happy and enjoying her time!

i really enjoyed seeing cailyn day doing lacrosse. her personality really shows through her video, and i was entertained watching,

Day in the Life of Mo B

I liked how you filmed even the mundane things, such as brushing your teeth. This was fun to watch 🙂


This was an awesome vlog! I love that she mentioned that it made her feel like a real youtuber. There is no difference between her and any other youtuber honestly, I think she should take the chance and go for it if its fun for her!

Biscuit the Tik Tok Star! : Video Assigment

I enjoyed this post because I thought it was cool how the creator used a different video creation platform, and also payed attention to trends while creating her video.

What legacy do you want to leave behind

wow…that’s all I’ve got. For taking something so simple and making it that powerful with minimal gear and setup that was pretty good and a great start to her future plans

A Lion’s Sad Death

you did a great job! I like the way you analyzed the movie, like the darkness symbolizing death.

dear momma nara

I liked and appreciated this post because it took something that seemed fairly rudimentary and re created it into something more pleasing to the eye and readable

Video Essay

Really great post and assignment with the video essay. great work

Paying Homage To What You Care About

this was so cute and so personal to maddy. I really thought she did a great job

Radio Commercial Turned TV

great overall, good description very detailed

who killed waldo

I thought this was a very unique and interesting twist to his original assignment and he did it very nicely

A Letter from the Past — Trailer

the music in the background makes it feel really heartwarming and I love the shot of her actually writing the letter

“As you wish.” : Princess Bride Video Essay

she put so much work into this and it shows!

Princess Bride and Video Assignments

What my dog sees: Point of View Video Assignment

madeline was really dedicated to filming this. it was really cool to see her dogs pov for the day

High School Montage

I appreciated this because it takes a lot of time to figure out the most special recorded moments and compile them into one video. I think Johnathan did a great job of this and the music added an extra touch.

I Interview… Me?

This video was super cute! I really liked the background music, it felt like a real youtube video that I would watch.

Pictures of My Day

This post was super cute! Even though it was only a daily create, I think it was a very cute and well put together collage! Sort of like a vlog of pictures, like the video assignments that we completed this week.

Stop Motion VIdeo

really cool blog and video. very detailed

My Characters Story

thought it was a great idea to narrate what is going through her dog’s head 🙂

I’m a goofy goober!

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