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Checking out the new camera CC2015 Four Bricks Tall

The ds106 community has spoken! Below are the class’ picks for post of the week. We had one post pick up four votes, six got two, and, if my in-my-head math is working, 32 other posts that picked up votes. But this is a celebration, not a competition, and it really says something about the variety and quality of the work of the class that so many got voted in. And it says something about the way our stories connect with others in so many different ways. Below are the posts, and what people had to say about them, all a testament to the awesomeness of ds106


Bees and Butterflies: Past Portfolio Photography

I loved these photos from Madeline’s reflection blog. They’re so bright and the composition in each one fits so well. I especially love the neutral colors in the third photo.

The detail that is visible in the first photos is astounding. The lighting in the arch way takes something very simple and makes it gorgeous. I can’t wait to attempt similar photos.

These pictures are GORGEOUS! I especially loved looking at them after being trapped inside after all of the snow and ice.

The quality of the photos are lovely and love the lighting. Really pops!


That’s Not What I Expected

I first noticed how nicely picked out and designed her theme was but I like the post because It goes to show just how simple something can be and how we turn it into something entirely different! Crazy

First of all, I really like how the title moves and is different everytime you look at it. I also just thought this was a fun assignment and I liked guessing what the picture was!


C’mon now Biden…

This is really good photo editing job! I am terrible at doing these sorts of things but this post did it very well. I really like that he is bigger in the frame and it makes him almost look like one of the commentators/judges on the show. I like that they chose to use an alternative to photoshop, as it is something I also have trouble using. Maybe I will try to use their recommendation.

I thought this post was just funny and I loved the fact that I brought back my memories of Wipe Out because I loved it as a kid!


My Favorite Photo

I really appreciated how she showed the same photo in multiple seasons. Very beautiful landscape.


VSCO Made Me Think I was a Photographer

I really enjoyed this post because it was one of the more in-depth posts about one’s past experience with photography. I also found it relatable because I have used the same VCSO app for years.

I loved the photo dump pictures and I definitely think there were some photo skills that went into play 🙂


Can Zendaya Get Some Credit Around Here?

I really liked this post. The title was super creative and I liked how they wrote a description about the assignment and what they did. I like also how Rachel added a scene for viewing too

The photo that Rachel used sums up a scene full of movement very very well. I like that is shows movement, color, and romance. The quote she used also adds a kind of heartwarming and incredibly kind aspect to the image so it created a whole atmosphere of happiness.


The Chum Bucket PT 2

I loved how Cailyn remixed her original bucket list! I think it’s interesting how different each of the posts feel even though they have the same topic and information.


Hey “Short”y

I thought this post was very creative. I loved the title of the post. And also how Andrew went beyond and added numerous photos instead of just one. I thought the photos were really good and did look larger than life! I also like how he went into detail about the assignment and pictures instead of just posting the pictures.


It’s Raining Words

It’s clear a lot of time was put into this post


Yellow Lights

This post stood out to me because I thought Ariel did a very good job doing the assignment, and using lots of detail in her post. I thought the title of the post was creative, and they did a step by step process of explaining the assignment, saying what they did behind and during the work, and even gave a tutorial on how to use the app which is very helpful.


You’re not as good as you think.

I think she did a really good job of analyzing her photos and explaining how she uses the aspects of photography in her pictures.


Pop-Tarts = Ravioli

What a controversial title. Definitely caught my attention. I really liked this post because I was immediately drawn to it on our course site. Not only this but they used one of my favorite meme layouts to offer up this argument. I  love that they mentioned that they have debated this in the past, and challenge people in their comments.


Week Four Assignment Bank: Capturing the Power of Editing! (the combo photo part)

I think that Hena’s choice of picture for the combo photo was really great because the viewer’s eye is drawn to her, not to the water, so you could miss the shark if you weren’t paying attention. She edited the shark in well and the color of it blends nicely with the water.


The American Dream is Elusive

A powerful imagery of a truth that I am not sure people are prepared to face.


“How I’m Becoming a Better Photographer”

This photographer managed to capture three gorgeous photos that perfectly illustrate the photograph techniques. I particularly love the final photo with the light in the boy’s face. I can almost see the difference in his eyes as he is trying to adjust to the bright light.



This author took photography above and beyond. I am jealous of the skills that he has. The way he was able to play with all of the photography elements and explain them simply in his blog has me in awe.


Me, myself, and I

Executed very well. Impressive. This inspires me to get back into photography. Maybe in the future I will download Adobe again. Very creative, and he took a lot of time editing these photos!


A Dreamy Drive Down the Pacific Coast Highway

Loved looking at the travel pics! Story map was so cool!


Experience? Non-existent

I liked the comical side of this post. Someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they aren’t the best in their category, but is still willing to put their work out there!


Familiar Logo, Strange Font

It was really interesting to see what could have been the Google logo! I kind of got an uncanny feeling looking at Google in different fonts. It was like looking at an animated face that’s almost right but not quite.


If I Could Go to Summer Camp

I enjoyed this post because it was very creative. The author of this post not only completed the visual assignment but also went more in-depth to include music that inspired the author and the post.


You Need the Forgiveness, Not Them

I really liked how each step of their process was outlined. I could get a sense of the frustration they were feeling and I really liked the final product.


Step Off Of The Canvas

It seems like Conner took a lot of time and effort to complete this assignment. Very creative and love the final result!


A Week of Taking Pictures and Hating Them

I related to the sentiment. I am not a big fan of taking pictures, and she put that into words! That’s how I felt about the assignment !


Five Frame Story

I thought the post was very interesting. I love museums and history. I’m upset that I missed the trip!


Silly Movie Poster

I played basketball a lot growing up and the idea of every basketball in a basketball movie being deflated made me laugh.


Harry and Timothee using Meal Swipes! : Pop Star Out of Place

I really like that Maddie connected the assignment to UMW because it adds a lot of humor to think about a celebrity of Harry Styles’ caliber to be using meal swipes at our little school.


Sunrise…sunset: time of day

I just love the visual of the setting sun amongst the trees, it reminds me of hiking in Prince William forest park.


Who doesn’t love Biscuit?: Visual Assignment

because my old dog’s name was biscuit!


Killer Toys in Target

I really liked the story narration of the process this person had to complete this assignment. I found myself and engaged while reading their blog.


Becoming a Photographer in 20 Minutes

This person added a nice touch of creativity to their post by using their surroundings to their advantage and using everyday items to tell a story. Maybe they are a photographer, maybe they aren’t. The viewer would never know!


A letter to my pets…

I really enjoyed how light and happy this post was. I was able to visualize a day in the life with these pets, just be reading each “to my pet.”


Uncomfortable eyes…

I enjoyed the post because it was both creative and entertaining. Jordan did a good job of going step by step through how she created the assignment, and also included different sizes of eyes.


What a Crappy Font will Do

I thought this was really unique!


My Love for My Pet (Ike)

Ike! This post just made me happy!


Story Map of National Parks out West

The creativity is through the roof. I really enjoyed the embedded interactive map she put in for me to go through.


Grumpy cat

Its hilarious. I have a couple cats and this is my life LOL. The face combined with the quote is legendary!!!


Charles – 1864



I really like this post because like me, they share a love for their animals! They consider them to be an important part of their family, just as I view my animal as my child. I love to see others sharing images of their family members that they love so much.

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