The last best list

Here is our final class survey of the top posts of the week. The way I do these is I take the spreadsheet of responses for the week and sort them alphabetically by URL. Then I can easily see the duplicates, which I separate out as the multiple vote-getters. What I noticed this week is that some people are getting http URLs where others get https. That means they don’t group together alphabetically. I almost missed one this week. I wonder how many I missed before this semester. The fix is to do a find-and-replace to make them all http. So I did that and sorted the results for the entire semester. It looks like just about everyone made the list multiple times. Everyone’s a winner! And while this is only an exhibition, not a competition, a special shout out should go to Samantha, Emily M, Emily H, Yulemi and Karsen for getting nominated the most times. Without further ado, here is the best of week 12:


The Best of Creed

Showing the character well.

This was a great compilation! I really got a kick out of it!


Text Conversation: A Wild Ride

I think this was really creative. I was not expecting any of that to happy but it was funny! 

this made me laugh!! the music is definitely a nice touch and the whole conversation was creative.


Create Your Own Logo! [Remixed]: Happy Days

I thought Sam’s logo was so cool with the pop of color. Her work is always incredible!

It’s a really nice and funky aesthetic! I especially like how all the colors were used together.


This doesn’t belong her

I did a similar assignment and had a lot of fun making it. I really like how it was a combination of ET and the Titanic 

Remixed poetry art

Wow, this was super creative!

A letter to my mom in another language

I thought this assignment was so cool as it is really impressive that she could write in another language, it’s a really difficult and admirable skill.

Attacked by a Bee

It is cool that Kayla and Emily went through the conversation on the fly to create a story


I like how simple this post is. The point gets across by the picture! Great job! 

Short Delievery

Made great use of the remix!

Animoji Karoke 1980s Style

This is so fun! Like how he incorporated the 1980’s theme and chose the Kola to match the song choice!

Garbage Patch Kids

super creative idea!

Laugh Track Beetlejuice

Great work and a great movie *thumbs up*

Animoji Karake


Website Mash-Up

It looks amazing and goes together so well!

Marine Sky

This was very creative!

Ric Flair Beethoven

totally captured the goal of using complete opposite songs! and it worked really well

Take any two songs (similar or not) and create a mashup/remix! [remixed]: Yo Mamma

Great work on the mashup. I loved it!

Holiday Mashup

Haha, this was great, Lilian

Stranger Things feat. ET

Creative way to blend the old with the new!

I love my pets remix

The mix collaborated well with the media.

Roommates Who Look Like Emojis

I thought this was a fun assignment as I was considering doing it at first as well, and to see it come to life is pretty cool! She definitely nailed this emoji.

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