“This one goes to 11”

For once we one post clearly in front with three votes. Four got two, and sixteen others made the list. Quite a week! I see a few of the video essays on the list.They’re probably all worth a look. We tend not to think about the grammar and syntax of video – we just watch the stories – but I think there is a real payoff to watching analytically. And it’s a fun exercise.

A Day As My Cats

This assignment is really cool and I always wondered what my pets see and do all day and how much they really pay attention to things

captioning is useful

Clever use of videos to tell a cute storty

“Conversation” With Myself

I enjoyed this twist to the assignment by singing with herself–very talented!

Cool video. Great voice. Samantha is always taking it own step further! Always has great content. Keep it up!

Time Lapse

great use of instagram

I love shot put! I used to pole vault

Jeanie and the Boy

Just WOW! The author did such an excellent job with this video essay. The editing is on point. Please consider making a “How To” video!

Great use of the videos we watched for this week. I love how she applied the lessons to this video

Get Dirty Go Wash!

A great way to capture memories as a Senior




Sardonic Tour

Really neat video

Goodnight Moon!

I have heard of Plotagon, but have never used it before, so I enjoyed watching this.

My Kitchen

Glad that you are enjoying banking and cooking during times like these but your kitchen is so bright and colorful!

All About the 80s

Definitely all about the 80s. I like that the author including a bit of everything in the mash-up.

The Hunting Party

Really cool! I bet this was hard to make so you did really good!

how to make iced coffee

very creative

Not So 80’s Video Essay

I liked the in-depth analysis of the Titanic, mentioning a lot of what we learned from the videos.

Sweet Moments

Really cool to capture a moment in 1 second

Video trailer

I like the music, great trailer vibe.

Coronavirus Supercut

This was funny yet something that we need to remind people to do. Great job!

Every Frames a Painting Star Wars!

I’ve never watched a full Star Wars movie but know its really popular. Your voice over with the film information was really accurate! Great job

Ad to Cope with Rona


A tutorial for my Grandma

This is genius! I’ve never thought about doing this but it would help my grandparents so much!

Highlight Reel

Lets go caps!

Welcome to my Humble Abode!

I liked the way Lauren adjusted the assignment to meet her needs and I’m rather envious of her room 🙂

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