Top of the ninth

It was another variety week for This Week in ds106. There was a three-way tie for first with two votes each, and a fifteen-way tie for second. I feel like Booger Panic shouldn’t count because I did it, so I put it in last place. But if someone got a laugh out of it, that’s a good thing. Yay for all of us!


Assignments – Take 2

The reworked warning poster looks more natural and gives more of a sense of danger.

It was awesome to see how the author’s photoshop and photography skills have improved in such a short time. You rock!

DC Story: Coronavirus 


Cool way to blend Daily Creates into a story applicable in today’s current crisis

Coding Time

Love the computer science direction you took!

It seemed like she put a lot of thought and work into it. Nice job!


Project Ideas

An awesome concept that takes current technology to the 80s. 

Daily Create Story!

A cheerful and funny short story 

Just Another Day

Futuristic and Fun

Be Kind Or Else

Very creative. She went back and tied in so many of the past Daily Creates. You can tell thought went into this story!

let me tell you a story

I liked her 80s cooking show idea!

Stop Collaborate and Listen

Enjoyed the pictures and the audio assignment!

How to celebrate: Corona virus style

I like how the daily creates were incorporated into the story.

Project Ideas

I absolutely love the idea of creating an online presence for a company that was around in the 80s. 

Potential Project Ideas

Some good ideas.

Reworked Assignments

I really like the new and improved beat. Also, the photoshop looked pretty natural with the way it’s angled.

Future Project Ideas

Crime is a cool idea!

Reflection on 80’s Crime Show

Very descriptive

Things to do before I die

Really cool list of things to do!

What’s in a Name Rework

Very interesting read

Booger Panic

It’s humor can lift someone’s spirits.

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