Dynamite ds106 designs – the best of week 6

Everybody shared the wealth once again on week 6. The top choice got 3 votes, the 6 runners-up got 2, and if I counted right, 24 other posts made the list. Give yourselves a hand!

Guess the 80s movie….

The icons used were neat and simple and came together to summarize the main idea of the story perfectly!

The Princess Bride 🙂

Motivational Poster

This week was so fun!!! These are some of my favorite assignments by my classmates this week. Design week for me was so much fun! I really liked the motivational poster that was created about ‘shooting your shot’ because it is hip and aimed towards people our age. It is funny and I can tell they really thought outside the box.

I enjoyed the humor behind this poster. Can totally see this one going viral.

Minimal Movie Poster

Canva seems cool!

What a beautiful execution of a poster. Very professional and can tell lots of thought and effort went into this poster.

Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation looks so cute and fun, I think she did a really good job! I love the color scheme she picked, everything goes together well.

Here the creator was creative with the assignment by using pastel colors and fonts to create a wedding invitation. It was a good was to add flowers as well.

Decorating the UMW rock

love that you created something from outside a computer screen! dedication!

Lastly, the decorating the rock idea is really cool and I didn’t even know it was an option for an assignment! That is something I have always wanted to do so good for you for actually. Super Cool!

girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have fununnnn! I love love this song and the gif that was made from the music video is absolutely adorable and you picked the perfect part of the song. I like how you incorporated the class theme also. And Giphy is a really easy to work with website.

very creative and gave me good ideas for future assignments

Minimalist Movie

very clever!

I like how she used Canva to design part of her post. I also just learned about Canva and will now be using it more often. Her design is simple but still looks really good. The point is easy to understand and her title fits well with the post.


I think this Captain American wanted poster is so creative and fun! Great job!

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster – Braveheart

This was a creative way to describe the movie in one symbol, a sword.

Movie Poster Assignment

I like how the background incorporates the color pink (including the frosting color that is almost identical to the color of Sam’s dress), which is a main color featured on the movie’s posters. The graphic also ties into the pop culture art aspect of the 80’s theme.

One Story, Four Icons

The use of the Ferris wheel is super clever!

Designer Dilema

This week 6 reflection was fun to read, and did a good job of going over the week’s activities.

heathers again? Shocker!

love their design. I can tell they really put a lot of thought into it and their description of their process was really in depth. awesome work.

Imagine how is touch the sky

very creative and there was a lot of work put into it!


Very personal!

Jazzercise Instructor

It’s so funky fresh, and the way the colors pop make the theme of the design fun!

My Motivational Poster

Baby Yoda! I like how he incorporated a very philosophical quote as well. The poster was executed in a very professional way.

80’s Karaoke Poster

The designer used all the colors of the 80s; pink, blue and neon green. The poster was to the point.

“A Kid’s Guide To Graphic Design” Response

It’s very informative and a good analysis of kidd’s article.

Lyric Typography Poster

I love the use of symbols with the lyrics.

Favorite Movie Quote

Need to see this movie now.

Missing Person

I thought the character chosen was really funny and a creative post

Word Cloud

Cool to look at!

READ poster


Sam’s Week 6 Summary

It’s very informative, and very creative.

Ride Along Computer Cowboy

Great song and awesome artwork

You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?

Great attention grabbing title.

Simplicity at its Finest

love the concept and the movie chosen, great colors too

Teenage Nostalgia W/ The Boomers

10/10 meme, love me some Danny Devito

Bega’s Bagels

Nice post because I could tell there was meaning behind it

Here Comes The Bride

The design is simple yet elegant, and I love how the geometric pattern and the flowers add to the effect and aren’t overbearing.

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