Hear ye, hear ye: The best of audio week

I don’t think I’ve seen a single post get as many votes as the Whitney/Migos mix before. Three votes is a lot. Five is unheard of. Following that, there were no repeat votes. I don’t know if that has ever happened before either. So this week is one for the records books. Here are the vote-getters, with people’s comments:

I Wanna Boujee With Somebody

Very cool haha

They did a really good job of combining two very different songs!

Super good!

For two songs that are totally different from each other, the remix of these two together just fits in a unique way!

This post made me laugh and was so creative. I really liked it and its cool how you even made the mix like I dont think I even know how to do that!


Scooby do vibes

This post was very well put together. I think that the pictures in the post really add an extra level. The audio was very clear and mystery like. I like that I was able to come up with my own story that was going on in the scenes.

talking to myself

This is a super creative post! I like how the 80’s theme is incorporated through the slang used. The task of creating a conversation between two people was executed perfectly; you can’t tell that the characters are actually one person.

Beat It

I also used Yulemi’s audio assignment to base my assignment off of her song, I feel we had similar thoughts as to why we like Beat It!

Grocery Store Trip

I like how to the point and easy to follow this sound effects story.

Radio Bumper

Another radio bumper for the posts. She did an awesome job and early on to get her assignment heard.

DS106 Radio is Bumping

I thought Emily’s Radio Bumper was clear and well-executed, so I used her instructions as a guide to creating mine.

Radio Show Topics?

Cool ideas!

80s Party

I definitely used Emily’s sound effect story as a guide to create my own, I really enjoy her posts for inspiration!

A moment that changed me

I respect the vulnerability and she did a good job of both telling the story and drawing a more widely applicable meaning from it

If You Lived in The 80’S

simple assignment but great ideas!

Daily Create 2/13/2020

I just love dogs so I thought this was really funny!

Radio Show Commercial

it was a really nice combo of humor and legitimate advertising, also the other person voice (which im assuming was also him) was very distinct 10/10.

Sick Beat

Another good example of remixing songs!

Fredericksburg Fright

Love the concept and the execution is fantastic!

Everyday Sounds

Completely agree that I dont always pay attention to everyday sounds so I liked how you did pay attention and these are normal sounds

DS106 Radio

This is my post. I have to make it a top post since I struggled for hours making this radio bumper. I got over my frustration and came through.

Can you guess this song?

Wow!! I attempted to do this assignment and gave up because I was so confused. I like how the sound compliments the song yet still distracts us from being able to recognize the song.

Gameboy Advanced

This post was created very well! It included a mystery in the narrative begging the question of should I buy this or not. The background music was incorporated very nicely.

Humming my way downtown

I love Michael Jackson and thought this was an amazing use of not only theme but resources!

Sound Effects Story

Very creative and love the movie!

Can’t get it out of my head


Sick Beat

This was well composed, it’s super catchy, and I love how it captures the 80s vibes!

Radio Blah Blah

one of my favorite radio bumpers I heard this week. Awesome job editing your voice and the fade out with the song at the end

Mixtape: DJ Diana

This post threads together different songs to make one upbeat mixtape. The transitions from clip to clip happens smoothly. You can tell a lot of thought and time was put into it.

Sick Beats

Amazing work that Lillian clearly put a lot of effort into. Impressive!

80’s Pogo Ball Commercial


Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me From Slowing This Down

I just really really liked it and i thought it was really impressive how she was able to slow it down while still preserving the song and its pitch. and even after it was slow it was still sorta musical and overall Fun to listen to!

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