At the Fore of Week 4

It’s always fun to see what the class picks as the top posts of the week. This week we had four posts get 3 votes each, five more got two votes, and twenty other posts made somebody’s list. That’s impressive. It shows the wealth of creativity in the class, and the variety of work that people connect with. Here are the results, with links to the posts and what people had to say about them.


Splash the Radio City Color

Just really good design choices and a super good pic to start with, then the color edits just made it sooo cool! I really like the neons together, they don’t match color wise but its still very in place.

The way the reds and blues were highlighted while everything else was in black and white was not only creative, but created a different mood to the picture. Rather than a lively night NYC, this edited photo gives off a contemplative, somber, almost rainy vibe.

This photo is impressive because it is a photo Karsen took and then was able to use towards the an assignment. The finished product utilizes the color splash technique to create a professional and ascetically pleasing photo.


The Best Picture to Exist

cats! I love cats! they’re so cute its such a good photo and emily’s right it is the best photo to exist. such photogenic beauties and now i miss my cat

I love this post because of how adorable her cats are. I can totally relate because my favorite photo is also of my cats.


A Bark From the Past

Very cute dog!

Very personal. I love that the author used handrawn photos of the adventures her dog went on.

This is a cool interpretation of the assignment. I enjoy the story behind it and how creative and detail oriented the drawings are!


The Forest Gump Photo

The use of photoshop was really impressive. They also went above and beyond the instructions by doing 3 pictures instead of just the 1 asked.

She did a really good job photoshopping herself into these pictures and went beyond what the assignment required.

Emily really captured the essence of the assignment. I like how she used Photoshop techniques to blend pictures of herself into historical pictures, so that it looks more natural.


Colorize It

This post was so good! It looks like a lot of thought I like that it included the app that they used and how they created it.

I like how drastically different the colors are in the edited version compared to the original version. More than that, I like the way this photo was taken–the angle and the placement of the tiny pepper.


Good for the Soul

This post was creative since they had to go back in time and look for images that brought them peace and make a collage of it. Good job!

I like how genuine the post was and how she really enjoyed making the assignment because she was able to add her own twist to it


Expedient showing of Pretty in Pink

I like how the author incorporated the theme of the class but also how all of the gifs added were actually able to tell a story. The assignment was to tell a story but using gifs and I have never watched the movie they chose but I was able to get the gist of the film and know what the film was about. They did really good summarizing the film with gifs and im surprised they were able to find so many.


Splash the Color

I really like yellow its such a good color and it look especially good when its the ONLY color. Also incredibly well executed and overall so so good!

awesome photo editing


Acrostic Pictures

It was very intricate.

Simple but very informative about who the author is.


4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

Very funny dog drawing and interesting drawing concept!



i love the way this assignment was set up in the blog post; super organized, and great job with the photos


20 Minute Capture

Cohesive and inviting.


Dance camp

Dance camp sounds pretty cool!


Perfect Shot

I liked the first two pictures in particular because the angle and lighting of the pictures of her cat and Hawaiian lei really enhanced the detailed features of her cat and the lei.


Just a Splash of Color

It put pictures into words! It used creative and colorful photos to tell a story and I learned some new facts along the way.


Nothing Says Cheap Like Comic Sans and Helvetica

I really liked the assignment that they chose and how creative they were about it. I dont think I would have been able to be creative enough to make this because it looks like they were experts in photoshop and knew what they were doing. I think the idea of this post is really cool and I enjoyed it!


and I would walk 500 miles

This post was super creative and really required a creative eye. She did so well!


Fast photography!

I enjoyed her creativity in her photoblitz. Great photos!


80’s photography

i picked it/i love it because i’m a bit bias (i love queen)


A look Into Your Backpack

This posts made me think of myself. Would I do this post? My bag is personal. This student was brave and brought creativity to the assignment. Good job!


One Month Down!!

I really enjoyed all her work, she had a great week and I used some of her post for inspiration.


Averaged Portrait (dancer)

You can tell that a lot of work went into this photo and it turned out to be really beautiful! It is very creative and artistic.


New Starbs in Town

I love Starbucks and how they took this challenge and rolled with it. A very creative yet simplistic way of showing how fonts can change the entire mood of something.


One of Many Achievements in Life

Taking pride in graduating is something I support.



This was one of the assignments that I did and if these were my choices to take shots of, I probably would not have been that creative. This student was creative. Good job.


80’s Photography

a lot of energy in the energy, great analysis, and awesome photo selection.


Summarize Coming To America

Loved the gifs that was chosen, very funny movie!


We’re the Real-Life Talbert Tribe!

I love the retro color editing and composition of the collage. Very well done!

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