Top of the 12th

We had 21 votes for 20 different posts. That’s pretty impressive distribution.Congratulations to everyone selected, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Two votes:
Another Hideous Day REMIX 1

It was very creative!

I liked how this person remixed their story. They turned an optimistic story into an emo and overly edgy one, which made it very interesting to read!

One vote each:

Closeup Remix

Because I love Dr. Seuss and Ryan G

Mashing Friends with Emojis

The picture represents the emoji pretty well! LOL!

Remix It: If Movie Posters Told the Truth

I love the mix of different media with this assignment! I think the narration and music work well together and I like that there was still a visual element to this work.

Mashups and Remixes

Excellent work

College Remix

I love dogs so anything with them I’ll probably like, also Im into marketing so creating an ad about the dog collar is cool.

Remix Part 2

I like the colors of the ET poster.

Storytelling Through Text Messages

It was clever about how they used animoji’s.

Animoji Karaoke

I loved how I saw a female animoji but yet I heard a man voice! It totally threw me off! I loved the idea of this assignment and the animoji was perfectly matched with the song!

Remix #1, Event poster!

I really liked how they took an old assignment from a classmate and created an oxymoron. I think they did really well!

Tutorial #1

I really like how she gave the tutorial through video. Sometimes just reading doesn’t cut it!

Logo Switch Up

the toothpaste container looked real!

Sadcat Superimposition

I liked the relation to Legend of Zelda.

Everyday Super

The photo shopping was so cool for this assignment! And man, are those some bright fireworks! Very nice photo!

Remix It: Waldo

This is hilarious remix assignment!

Animoji Karaoke

Loved the song choice

Make That Money! Tutorial

Great detail on how to use photoshop and also I think it would be funny to put my face on a dollar bill

How I did: Played from Another Room

I liked how much detail she went into each step in the tutorial

SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels)

The edit she made was sooo cool, I loved how she switched up two channels and how they edited the picture for the logo switch up!

Lemon Milk Screamo Remix

I like the bold colors and playful typeface on this design! This person did a great job experimenting with the saturation of colors.

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