The top of twelve

And once again, only one post got more than one vote:

Cancer Sucks

Very sentimental, very cute. God Bless you

Really great post overall! Loved how he combined the personal with the academics of this assignment.

In fact, few people got more than one vote. We can take that as a testament to the levels of variety, talent and creativity we have in ds106.

Disney Mashup

Really great job and write up about her process! Loved the songs used in the mashup also.

Tutorial for Photoshop

I thought this was a really great write up about how to use Photoshop. Photoshop is a great tool to use in a class such as this and a tutorial like this one is useful to have!

Remixed Mashed-up Logo

Animoji Karaoke

I am also about to do this assignment! I thought this assignment was really interesting and I loved seeing how she did hers!

Character Movie Trailer

I thought this was really creative and well done. I’m impressed with the amount of video work that went into this.

Remix #1: Music mash & the color pink

I love the mixing of two songs and it was done well!

Storytelling Through Text

I thought Brandon got creative with this post, he made the story different than I expected to see. He made his post over a course of time and he made it appear as if he was being called to a mission

Rocky Meets ET

So creative!!

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

I think their video really showcased some great films that he’s in. I love Johnny Depp!

De-motivational Poster


Logo Switch Up


Missing: Dr. Oblivion & Mustache

hard work

Remix 2

I thought her interpretation was very unique and cute!

Telling a Story Through Text

I thought the text conversation was funny. Not what was said, but what was typed and NOT sent. It was anticlimactic in a really funny way

A Quiet Box

The graphic design for this assignment was done so well and doesn’t even look edited

Hitman: The Secret Agent

I’m impressed by this! It looks like a real movie trailer.

Prettier in Pink

I like how creative this assignment is with the remix!

Animoji Karaoke

I like how they sang the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, LOL! I did the Animoji karaoke too, and it definitely was a little cringey, so I agree with what they said in their post. But overall it was fun!

A Day In the Life…

This is VERY well done. A lot of effort went into this and it turned out looking pretty professional.

How to Tutorial: How to Be A Spy

I thought this was a really funny video, good job Hannah!

Play by Play: Baseball is Boring

This was fun, I know that I already chose Hannah for one but I liked her posts this week

The Text

I loved seeing how she did the same assignment I did, but in a different way. I thought hers was charming and funny!

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