The best of Week 11

Once again, it is sad that there were so few voters. But also once again, it is great that there is such variety among the nominees. Only one post got more than one vote:

The Life of Thor

I really liked the idea of this assignment and it makes it great that there is a dog in it.

This was super cute! Who wouldn’t want to look at the life of a dog?

There is variety among the other nominees, but also some similarities. I especially like that a Weekly Summary got nominated.

The Life of Leo

The creator clearly put a lot of work and thought into this assignment. I loved the idea, it was similar to one I created in week 10, but was done much better than mine.

Character Movie Trailer

I thought this was really creative and well done. I’m impressed with the amount of video work that went into this.

Mission Plans

Really good idea for a mission.

Storytelling Through Text

I thought Brandon got creative with this post, he made the story different than I expected to see. He made his post over a course of time and he made it appear as if he was being called to a mission

Coming Soon to Theaters

I loved the audio and editing effects of this video.


I love how he made more than one video for the assignment to compare what the two movies would be like. He did more work than he had to, and they both came out good!

Day in my life

I’m super jealous she did this assignment, I wanted to do it but it was too late as I had already done my assignments. I love how she didn’t make a typical vlog and made it artsy and just small videos of her day.

Hitman: The Secret Agent

I’m impressed by this! It looks like a real movie trailer.

April Fool’s Day

I love the title and I like the spin off on April 1st, it was a good idea for a daily create.

Weekly Summary 3/29/19

I know this probably doesn’t count toward this week but I know that Tiffany had a hard week. She worked really hard and I thought this was a good post from her!

A Day In the Life…

This is VERY well done. A lot of effort went into this and it turned out looking pretty professional.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I love Austin Powers and love the editing of this video.


great post


Put in good effort

How to Tutorial: How to Be A Spy

I thought this was a really funny video, good job Hannah!

Play by Play: Baseball is Boring

This was fun, I know that I already chose Hannah for one but I liked her posts this week

Did someone say mission?

I love the detailed explanation of the mission. She set up a stage for an entire idea and were not vague in the slightest. Her idea is great as well!

Getting there

She put in great effort in this

Not that my vote counts, but I’m going to give a personal shout out to Girl Power for taking on a collaborative project:

One of the thing that I hope to see happen in this course is people being inspired by each other and learning from each other, rather than people working in isolation, which can happen too easily in an online course. Collaborative projects are a way for that to happen.  


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