The best of week nine

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The votes are in! And the voter participation is sad. Perhaps that’s not surprising, since “low” and “voter turnout” seem to go hand in hand, but kudos to the six people who participated. What’s interesting is that we have eighteen separate posts that people chose as best of the week. Not a single one got more than one vote. That says something about the variety of work that people have done, and something about the range of people’s tastes. so here’s the full list, plus voter comments:
Super Secret Opinions
Thanks for the shoutout and analysis 🙂


I love their remake! I did a similar one and I can definitely see their skills growing in comparison to their original assignment.

A Call For Agent Squirrel
So creative


This was such a well done post! I think they did such a great job at creating social media profiles for Einstein. Definitely worth nominating.

“Google Draw Something”

This was a really fun activity! I also liked Madeleine’s post on the blog was really good too.

Revised Work
I think her revised work is really well put together and clean. It shows improvement.

Hidden in the Eye…Remix!
I like that Morgan linked the first version of this assignment into her remix post so we could see exactly what she changed. the Rework of her assignment was really great and it showed how much effort she put into it!

“One of The Best Digital Tools For Students”
I love this post, I stand by Quizlet!

Web Assignment 2073
I picked this post because this was an assignment I almost completed! I am still interested in doing this assignment in the future, but their post definitely made me more interested in seeing what I could do.

Connecting Daily Creates
I like that she explained how when she first started her Daily Creates this week she wasn’t sure how to connect them, but after adjusting them a little bit she was able to make a story out of them.

Guess the Gif Story
I also tried this assignment, but I had some difficulty getting the gifs into my blog. I love the Cinderella themed story and she did more than the 5 gif minimum. The gifs all flow together and the written portion of her post really added to it!

Social Presence of Emmalyn
Puppy’s are always winners.

The Life of a Fork
I love how she took something so ordinary and created an amazing and unique assignment from it.


very clever.

“Guessing A Grimm Story With GIF’s”
I thought that this was really fun and creative!

The Boy Who Helped Open the Case

Remixing the web
deserves the top spot as she took her time on this post and looked like she worked hard.

Take two
Well said.

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