Seven-way tie for first

I had no idea what would happen when I asked people to vote for the top three posts of the week. The only stipulation I made was don’t vote for yourself. We ended up with 39 votes cast, and a seven-way tie for first place, because seven posts got two votes, and no posts got more than that. So if I’m any good at math, that means 32 different posts got votes, and 15 separate blogs were represented. That means the awesomeness is widely distributed in this group. Everyone deserves a big hand:

Applause CC 2015 by Zihris

The magnificent seven:
I made a sick beat
Disaster on the Moon
Picking up Blake Lively
Hey Magic Mirror, Play Me a Disney Mashup
Secret Agent Morning routine
Tongue Twisters
Please Say Your Message After the ****

But the real big winner has to be Karim, who got votes on five (5!) separate posts.

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