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ZAP! BOOM! POW! Just like that, the writing week has come to a close. We enjoyed discovering all kinds of new characters, hearing about your learning experiences, and seeing creativity flourish all week.

We’ve picked five posts to highlight. The first is Courtney’s Melinda J. Mogenson the Hero. Her character’s backstory was clear and concise, and what we loved most of all was that she brought a superhero to our very own UMW. The cliffhanger left us wondering what would happen next in this special senior’s journey.

Next is Leah’s reflection, Our superheroes, ourselves? What struck us was not just the insight she shared, but the dedication she had to her research. She investigated the background of a superhero she knew very little about, Starfire, and compared her origin story to Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories theory. Leah’s well-crafted post drew a lot of meaningful conclusions.

The third post we chose to highlight is Katelyn’s character dossier, titled Merciful Dossier. In this post, we are introduced to Merciful Mise en Place, a compassionate superhero whose powers are dedicated to helping anyone experiencing a culinary disaster. And get this—her nemesis is Betty Croc-ker. From backstory, to uniform, and to contact information; Merciful Mise en Place’s introduction has it all. This piece truly tickled our imaginations.

Our fourth highlight is Amanda’s Madame Polygraph, a supermom who can sense when those around her are lying through a pinch in her foot. We appreciated that Amy Pope is an ordinary family woman who not only also uses her hidden talent to maintain her home life, but to help make her community safer. We enjoyed the descriptive narrative that slowly revealed Amy’s capabilities.

Our final highlight is Jordan’s Poem Remix, in which she transforms Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise into her very own, Still I Fly. While the original poem itself was a testament to resilience, this rendition puts hardship and hope in the context of superheroes. As we’ve learned from this week’s readings, one of the most notable qualities of a hero is the ability to prevail in spite of misfortune. This poem did a phenomenal job of illustrating just that.

That’s a wrap! Thank you for tuning in to This Week in ds106. We look forward to admiring all of the unique work that the Photography week will bring.

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