Season of ds106

I was never much of a Donovan fan, but I like Alice Donut’s version of Sunshine Superman and Goodfellas’ version of Atlantis. Now we can add Cogdog’s Season of DS106 to the list. The secret great thing about it is that it reminded me to check the schedule on ds106radio. I had neglected it a little too long, and it had been playing dead air for a few days. We’ve tried to get people to program the schedule, so that the ds106 community takes control of it, and that has worked for periods of time. Eventually though, the schedule expires or something goes wrong and the ice weasels have to reset. So lately I’ve been running a ds106 playlist 24/7. Basically it randomly plays anything with “106” in the metadata, so you get bumpers and other audio creations from previous seasons of ds106, plus some old-time radio shows that we’ve listened to in the course. And now, one of CogDog’s greatest hits is in the mix as well. (One of these days I need to finish my Route 66 rewrite and put it on the air. One of these days…)

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