The To Do List: GIF Style

I have always thought that gifs were fun to watch. In my previous Intro to Digital Studies class we learned how to make them, for example, the gif below is one I made of my dog wearing little snow shoes which she could barely walk in. Personally I found this adorable and fun! (also I am very biased because to me she’s the cutest dog).


So while scrolling through the GIF assignment bank, I found one that caught my attention

You’ve Made my gif list

I LOVE to do lists.

There was a tutorial listed for this assignment but the orginal link was no longer valid, however I was able to read the first bit including the suggestion to use the website so I went to that website first. I was originally going to use giphy, since I am familiar with it, but it did not seem like I could add photos just videos. So seemed like a good option.

When I was making the gif on the website it had all of my pictures flipped the wrong way and I couldn’t find an option to rotate the gif on the website. So I downloaded the gif and under Preview on my Mac I took each picture and rotated them to be straight and then saved the gif so it would be right side up. But with this came a major flaw. While it was still saving as a “gif” it now would only go through all the pictures once, not a continuous loop which is what makes a gif a gif! I When I download the gif it goes straight to preview sometimes Quick Player but the Quick Player would not let me save the gif. Below is the first gif I made with the link to it as well. There was no option to rotate the gif on this website.


I decided to check a different website, I had used the as well as tried giphy but they didn’t have an image option to I kept searching, there are lots of options for gif creater websites. I found  imgflip.

I choose the option for Images to GIF and then once I added my photos that I wanted to be a part of the gif the next page had my gif but it had been turned side ways just like the previous websitee had done.

However this did allow me to rotate before saving the gif and so my final product was straight up as it should be and turned out great!

I liked this assignment because I live by to do lists. There is nothing better than starting your day with a  list of objectives and being able to cross them off throughout the day. It was fun taking pictures throughout my day that were on my agenda. The difficulty was about medium I would say. Websites make gif making easy however using photos was different and I ended up not being able to have that continuous loop. Also I wish the quality was better than how it turned out.

I learned a lot from this activity, everything above but I also learned making gifs using a video clip is much easier than using photos. I am really happy with the final product and I am glad this challenged me more than just a video clip being made into a gif.





Source: The To Do List: GIF Style