Eyemation – cosmic collection


Incorporating hand-drawn elements into digital art is one of my favorite uses of media. So it’s not a surprise that this assignment caught my eye (no pun intended). Eyes tend to be cliché in the art world, but their natural movement drew me in. I wanted to chose something that’s fluid movement easily translate into a GIF. The process was quite the tedious one- I spent more than enough time trying to line up the center of the eye in the same exact spot on each post-it note (30 to be exact). I was worried that if any were unaligned even the slightest bit that I would lose the smooth effect of a blinking eyelid. Drawing out each individual frame was absolutely the hardest part as well as re-familiarizing myself with photoshop. I played around with a few settings and luckily stumbled upon the loop effect which greatly enhanced this GIF.

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Source: Eyemation – cosmic collection