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Triple Rocktroll Lyrics:

I’m not going to lie here, I fell victim to clickbait when selecting this task from the assignment bank. The reason I fell victim is due to the use of Nickleback as the assignment icon. I don’t know what it is about Nickleback, but they just have a direct line to my funny bone. Upon further investigation, I actually found the task to be fun and creative. Hence, why I chose to complete it.

Aside from the task itself being fairly easy, it was hard to select the artists I wanted to use. The assignment dictates that you choose a picture of an artist, choose a quote from another artist, choose another random artist, and then put all of those components together to create a false quote. The task suggests choosing an artist from the 70s to begin with. So I sat down and went through my list of favorite artists from the 70s. I decided to use David Bowie because he is one of my icons. The task then suggests you find an artist related to the artist in the picture. I then sat down and thought of modern artists whom resemble David Bowie and his work to make the entire facade look more realistic. I decided that Lady Gaga is equally as influential as David Bowie during his time. Finally, the task suggests we select an artist from a totally different time face to further confusion. I didn’t even have to think of an artist for this part. Johnny Cash immediately popped into my mind because he is so drastically different from both Lady Gaga and David Bowie.

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Source: Assignment Bank 3 (Week Two): – KelseyInez