The Tops of Week 11: Bring on the Doubles

In a switch this week, we had more work with multiple picks than singles. That’s not better or worse, just different. Personally, I think bikes come out on top this week, but all the work is great.

Video Project

Really good description of their progress. They seem like they definitely have done their research on the topic!

This group project was well done! I think they made a lot of great suggestions on how to reduce ocean polution.

Project of Lindsey Cooper and Celia Slively (sp). They produced the total package also with a great script, background sound, a nicely spoken voice-over, still shots cut in well, separate audio in places and then good info on how they produced their video. Nicely and a lot of great effort!

i hope i dont crash

very funny!

It completely caught me off guard, and he sacrificed a pedal for the video.


A more complicated process to put this together and it is noticed. Very interesting technically and I appreciate the effects to get the artistic point across.

It was so cool and very mysterious, also the production was on point

It Is All Keira Knightley

By far my favorite assignment ever. The audio is perfectly lined up with the video clips, just everything about this is perfect. It seems like they thought about this assignment a lot and put in a lot of effort.

Well-made, beautiful imagery with a song that goes well but isn’t too on-the-nose.

Video Essay La La Land

I just really appreciate how she acknowledged that last weeks work wasn’t her best and she really is trying hard to improve

This is an awesome video essay, I thought that assignment was challenging last week, and they did a great job making a second one!

What I eat in a day

I absolutely love watching these kinds of videos. I am not sure why but something about watching what someones day looks like through something as important as food is super interesting and says a lot about people.

very engaging video

Wheels Win

The video was great, but mostly I applaud their infuriating subject matter

Definitely the vibe that they are staying true to them and taking a stupid debate too seriously as a joke

Book Compilation

Just loved the compilation

I Am Me

I really like the template they used and the feel it gave to the video

Rats, Hearts, and Cars

Their daily creates were so creative and fun! I really enjoyed them.

set 2 video 2 | Ted Lewis and Permissions

This person did a great job piecing together all the parts of the video they made. It turned out great!

Video Assignment: 4 Stars

I like the effort put into this!

Specially Safara

he most creative work this week, all around. The script, acting, production, cuts, filmmaking–all done very well and very compelling. Great work!


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