The Top of Ten

Here are the top sixteen vote-getters of week ten. Kind of a Top Ten list, but not really. Those who vote did a great job of spreading the love around, as only two picks were duplicated. They’re all worth a watch!

By far my favorite assignment

A girl and her dog at the beach, filmed at an angle, with them coming and going, in and out of frame, near and far, with nat sound and lighting, great background music, all at the right levels. It’s the perfect mix of everything. And the graininess makes it look like it’s aged and from a film reel, not a digital camera–a perfect effect. Amy has something to cherish for a lifetime! Good on her!

So cute and sweet and heartwarming and AAAAAAAAAA it gives me pixar vibes

Video Essay

Really good analysis of the films scene here!

The quality of your editing is what popped here. Most people either cut out the audio completely, or left it in. You cut it out when you did your voice-over, then left it in when you weren’t talking–nice piece of work there, and that extra attention to detail makes a much better product. Great job!



What I Eat In A Day

The vid was just so fun!

A change of Tone

It was really funny! I liked the way they talked about their method though, super descriptive. And its nice to see we all run into problems doing these assignments, but we find a way to make it work.

Behind the Lens


Haunted Video

Super creepy.

The ASU Wants You!

Just so so good! blew me away

Motivational Poster: Remix

I would buy those posters

Monday the 31st of March

Slightly unsettling, in a good way. Like seeing something from the other side of the mirror.

Watch the Growth

First, you had been collecting video regularly so you could do this assignment–good on ‘ya! I saw, that assignment but had nothin’. Most importantly, thank you for sharing this important part of your transition, you are very cool. The organization of the video, by first going from date to date, then recapping your voice change quickly really showed how quickly the change is happening. I never thought a voice could change so quickly, so I learned something today! This is a really cool video and I’m glad someone came up with the idea, and you executed it.

Cooking Show, But Sassy (NOT REALLY COOKING)


How to do something that probably nobody in this class will have to do.

They put in a lot of work for this assignment! I have no clue what a Y-Pipe is, but I sat there and watched the entire thing because the music had me hooked

Video Essay

This assignment was tough and they did an excellent job with the assignment!

30 Second Memory

I liked the music choice!

Video Essay

I really liked this persons approach to solving this assignment! Way to go!!!


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