This week in ds106: Video

Everyone spent a lot of time on the audio, editing, and visual aspects for these assignments. Here are some of the following videos we thought were best!


The first one was a horror scene. We found this video assignment intriguing and actually involved multiple people acting for the clips so it seemed like a lot of effort went into the video!

This fake propaganda video was quite long, it had many scenes cut from many films to make a military propaganda video. It was clear a lot of time and editing was put into it so we wanted to highlight it!

Tis the season! This Countdown to Christmas video, which includes 25 cuts of your favorite Christmas movies is sure to get you in the Spirit! It’s about 5 minutes long so there was quite a bit of effort put into making this – nice job!

We really liked Malachi’s mockumentary. It was filmed well and the impromptu portion made it pretty comical to watch. We loved that he did it with his wife (and child). Family teamwork!

Everyone can always use a midweek pick me up! We were a fan of the transitions that they used to make this video and the music. Enjoy some cute kitties and the clips that they have put together, and if you watch closely you should see a surprise guest appearance from a pig!

We hope you enjoyed our favorites!

Thanks to the Video group for putting this together!

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