This week on ds106: Video Storytelling

Over these two weeks, we’ve really seen some great work as people stepped up to the task of video storytelling.

Here’s what Eric saw:

Kasey Mayar created an incredible animated feature with her Weather Woman Power Drawing. Simple style but epic in its execution and story!

Ashleigh Duque gave herself a memorable letter to her younger self in a video with great music, photos, and use of special effects. She also highlights using sound recording, which was treated as its own factor of digital storytelling earlier, as part of the foundation for her video.

Journey of Creativity showed us their dream places like India and Paris with appropriate music to add to the mood.

And from Amanda:

First up this week is Kasey’s Eco-Friendly PSA. She did a great job incorporating her superhero Weather Woman and gave us all a few tips on how to keep the earth a little more green! She used titles before each video section and a video showing how to actually do each task. I especially liked that she shared that she has already begun taking these steps herself as a way of showing just how easy it can be to be green! Lastly, props to Kasey for doing her best work and still looking at where she could improve by mentioning how she could have done one of the segments a little better- we’re never done improving! Great job, Kasey!
Next, is Ashley’s Advice to my Teen Self. I really appreciate the time Ashley took in finding all the pictures she included in her video. I also think it was great that she put them in chronological order to tell more of a story. I also like how she wrote a letter to herself and used it as a script. I appreciated how she gave meaningful advice, but kept the video short, so it would be easy to view. Because you know, its geared toward the attention of a 16 year old, right? Great job, Ashley!

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