Week Six Winners

I think everyone’s a winner, and not just because I heard that song the other day. We had many great designs this week, but personally I think an extra prize should go to Zoe for doing the Spreadsheet Invasion. I hope everyone takes the time to look them over.

The Box in the Woods

This was just edited really well.

They had a lot of well thought out ideas, and provided an excellent write up of the work!

very cool cover, nice write up

My cover grabs more attention!

I would be 30x more likely to read the book with Wade’s cover than Tyson’s.

Awesome book cover and great gif

Happy Little… Snail?

I missed this assignment! They did an excellent job at designing the little snail and I think this is such a unique assignment. I enjoyed the idea of making art in a program that was not originally intended to do so.

What a really cool design and effect! Thanks for showing us how to do this and wow, what an effort to put that snail in action! Cool….

Contradiction Creation

I… loved it so much. That’s all I can say. But the message of contradiction was also there.

The Vogue Challenge

It is clean, really shows her personality, and she gives a great description of how she created the Vogue cover. The pose is perfect–fits the space and the wink looking back at the reader is perfect!

Vogue but make it…. different

I loved how she had her own twist on the assignment. She really was able to make it her own! It turned out well.

Kindly Click Here

That is quite the teaching moment, converting files in Linux–much appreciated showing us how to do it. You really up’d your game. And the poster is a solid design that I agree–you had fun making.

Motivational Words from Bob Ross

I liked the depth of this! She had the quote on a solid black rectangle that popped out from the mazing landscape painting in the back! Loved the contrast.

St. Olaf Runaway

I love this appreciation for the Golden Girls! This is by far my favorite post now! Also a great lil design!

My Wedding Invitation

I think this is a cute design for a wedding invitation! I also love the Trader Joe’s appreciation in the blog post, it’s great!

The Awesome Beauty of Hinez Ketchup Packets

This is a great title, the person put a lot of time into thinking out the different design qualities.

What if a Beach Cult Tried to do Advertisements?

I loved the idea behind this one and the ending poster was pretty cool.

Body Image Book Cover Design

This post was one of my favorites so far because it allowed me to create a design about a topic that I am passionate about.

Event Poster

I really enjoyed making this poster because it allowed me to look through different templates on PicMonkey and they were all super pretty!

Read and Reflect

I enjoyed reading the Kidd article because it gave me a different perspective about the layers of designing and how much goes into the process.

senses connect design

I loved her thoughts! It was such a good read!

Book Cover

The book cover was simple, but perfectly designed

Design Blitz

There was a lot of effort in this.

Dime-Store Noir Book Cover I’m Really Proud Of

The design was cool and I can really see it being one of those cheap mystery novels.

Save The Date

The wedding invite was fun and the design was good.

The Color of Words

Maybe I’m just biased, but ALL of my favorite colors are in this post and I just think that this is overall really nice and cute! I like it a lot.

Love to Contradict

I would print this out and hang it on my wall. Definitely captures the vibe of those of us who can’t stand Valentine’s Day.

Strike A Pose

It looks real. It looks like an interview with a once-Disney-Channel star that is now a serious actor.


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