This is the sound of democracy dying

The class picked another wide variety of work for the best of week 5. It is a testament to the creativity of the group that so many different works get picked. What’s sad is that three quarters of the group didn’t vote. I hope they aren’t missing out on all these great sounds.

This was cool and not as hard as I had anticipated

Wade has a really good explanation of the process which I give the highest value to, although he doesn’t say which assignment this is!

I loved how real this felt. It felt chaotic which I loved. The process of how he made this was also very descriptive.

Super realistic! It was like I was there!

80s Product Radio Commercial

Emma took the time to explain her failed attempt with her laptop then how she fixed it with Audacity. This is what I need to help me learn.

This was an assignment I saw but was afraid to tackle. I think they did an amazing job and put a lot of creativity into it!

Music From Another Room

Katie has me interested in her use of Sony Movie Maker in editing this audio piece so I’m going to check it out. There may be more outstanding work out there, but the other students explain how they did their work

I can tell that they put a lot of time and effort not only creating the audio but writing a story as well!

The Spill

The sound effects chosen were very clear, and it honestly sounded like it was all one sound (not snippets of different sounds).

Idk why but it’s so funny to me. It’s real short and sweet but it gets the point across.

The organ is a challenging instrument!

I liked the post in general and that it was a self created assignment.

All The Relaxation…

I was very relaxed

Pretending I am Running A Ted Talk…

This was a well put together audio clip!

A Day in the Life


Just a Taste

I love the way they incorporated the Bob Ross quotes! Super clear audio too, IDK how they did that but I would like to know. Like, clearer than the original.

Disco Siri Takes One For The Team


Fungi Growing on the Radio Waves


Report # 8-2-5-B, Regarding Complexes 1-6, Subject J6

This may have been a weekly summarily, but it was typed up in a really fun way! I think this is impressive, especially since making my weekly summaries anywhere near as fun to read is challenging.

A little ~latin~ tune

It was fun to listen to. I liked all the different types of instrument sounds in it.

Radio Bumper

There was a lot of thought put into this. I loved the little trumpet portion that popped up too. Overall, really good!

Nightmare Soundtrack

It was beautifully creepy, I liked the little story that was given

Birds, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

wins just for the title


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