Week Four Favorites

“Vote” by Dean Terry is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We’re all about celebrating each other’s work here in ds106, so we ask everyone to pick out their favorite works from the group for the week, just as long as we don’t vote for ourselves. What’s fascinating is the variety of work that gets chosen. Except for five posts that got two votes each, everyone picked something different, so we have 31 works that the group found notable. The sad thing is that only 12 people voted. Where’s the sense of civic duty these days?

Here we have everything people picked, plus their comments.


A picture is worth a thousand words or A moment in time.

There was a lot of effort put into this post, as well as all of the great photos that were taken with it

It was short and sweet and beautiful

Did I make a typo?

I would have selected any of his posts because he gives really good details about how he constructs his products–much appreciated.  This one was cool because he showed me how to make effects that I was not aware of and pointed me to free stock photos and to pexels.com.  Wade is really thinking about helping others out, instead of just finishing an assignment and that sets him apart from everyone else.

Interesting tool used

A Weapon? Art? New Species? Deep Meaning?

I like how different the two items sliced together were and yet how good they looked together.

Bendire put a really good idea together and also explained it really well with solid detail so that I think I can replicate this, and I appreciate that he was comparing his experience with Photoshop, Google Doc and Photopea for a project like this.  He had a good idea and picked two complimentary photos that worked well to create a piece of combo art, and was easily successful because he had enough experience with three different programs to know that Google Docs was the solution for this project.  Very helpful.

Dasher’s Photo Blitzen

I could relate well with how she went through 10 different Photo Blitz’s before landing on one she could actually do with wherever she was at. I liked the way she set up her blog post as well. It sort of felt like I was going through those 20 minutes with her, then when she showed the final time, it was over. It seemed like she took a lot of time in this post.

I think this post was challenging and the person did a great job taking the photos in such a short time! I also enjoyed the creative title.

It’s A Bad, Bad Photo

I enjoy the amount of detail and effort put into the assignment, even though admin says that they had fun (which, in all honesty, is the most important part). It’s really cute, plus, the website looks super cool.

It made me laugh out loud. The perfectly placed “the frog sat here” is so silly to me.

Julie Andrews… the animal whisperer

This is really well edited and makes me laugh to think about “doe a deer” to a literal deer.

Making a Cinema Mosaic…Frozen Themed

I think was really well done. She included scenes famous for the movie and I think she put a lot of thought into the assignment!

Flower Power

I think this post was unique. I loved how she had the contrast of dark and light and also a difference in animation styles. I think having the spooky, realistic, dark house and the colorful, artsy flowers was a great pairing.

A Picture of the Past

I thought their post gave a bit of a humorous twist on the photo reflection post. Though the post was short, I could really tell that they read the “becoming a better photographer” and wants to focus on creating more stories with their photos. I could relate to a lot of the things that were said in the post, and it seems like they just want to improve.

Killer Birds Descend Upon Us

I liked the short story and the photo

Sticky Note Animation

Brianna’s project was so simple, but NOT!  I appreciate the effort she put into this one, and her perseverance.  It came out well and she did a really good job of explaining how it was done so that it can be replicated.  One thing about the Assignment Bank is that I found few past assignments are available to learn how to do them so I skip them if I think it’s going to be a long learning curve.

Make My Day

I don’t know if it was all the cute pictures of the dog or the yummy photos of food but this post was in my idea the perfect day

Can You Make a Xylophone Out of This?

I think having a creative title helps grab the readers attention, and while the post was short, they did a great job on completing all the objectives!

One Broken Tech is Another Man’s Art

This one was COOL. They also created a bit of a story with it, which I would have never even realized if it was explained. It inspired me to want to make my own GIF and have a hidden story in it.

Becoming a Better Photographer

This post was very well written and I can tell the person put in some hard work!

The life of a superhero

It made me smile

Wikipedia Random!


Buddy Photo (2 Stars)

The apple’s big smile makes me happy and I’m imagining it following them around and bouncing up onto the counter like a Veggie Tales character.

 Stenciled Photos

I really like how the subjects they choose came out after the editing process

Spot The Difference

I really liked the prompt and thought they did a good job placing the camera in the same place to recreate the second photo.

Switch Up The Mood

I like the aesthetic of the photos posted, and especially the design of the website itself. It’s really interesting to see the difference that a little bit of lighting can make to a photo’s mood.

We All See the Bars

This post was extremely well written and was a very entertaining read.

Be your own bestie

I really like how fun this post is! It’s not just an assignment, it’s a way to have fun and express yourself!

Weekly Summary 4

I liked the daily creates

How’ve You Been?


The Real Life Brady Bunch

I think this post was really neat! I liked how she talked about growing up with the show and then now making one that represented her life! I think its really neat to see how it has person ties!

Accidentally, On Purpose, Drugging my God Daughter (with Melatonin)

title is funny

Some Heroes Wear Moccasins

I love the title of this post and the meaning behind it. It is beautifully written and you can tell how much love and care was put into writing it by the author.

“Just saying….” yelp review

I saw this before considering doing my own and was discouraged because of how good theirs looks. I just wrote mine in the caption of the tweet but their graphic is really nice.


It i so funny, made me laugh. The name is perfect to0!

tweet of twoots

I really liked the title and the animation!

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