Week Twelve: mash down, cut across, get our little roll of paint

11/5/21 – 11/12/21


This week we will be focusing on Mashups & Remixes. The terms mashup and remix are often associated with music, but they don’t need to be limited to it. So what is a mashup? What is a remix?

From the ds106 open course:

For this unit you’ll be exploring the culminating ideas of ds106, remixes and mashups, the recasting of existing media into new forms by creative combination and editing. This will build off of your previous work in all media forms. And we will even remix our own assignments. Some will split hairs over the differences/definitions of remix and mashup. Let’s try to say that remix is usually a creative edit of one form of media, such as the recut movie trailer below or the musical remixes of DJ Cummerbund; mashups refer to the mixing of media/content from disparate places. Both involve the creative act of making something new from previous works. We ask you to try and sort it out and tell us if the difference really matters.

ToddAlcottGraphics’ Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Chariots of the Gods mashup print, from https://www.etsy.com/listing/574322189/beatles-lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamonds

A mashup example is Todd Alcott’s work combining lurid paperback covers with song titles and lyrics.  I think what really makes them work are the design elements and attention to detail. The use of color and typography make them look real.

A remix could be as simple as editing a conversation into a monologue:

Garfield Minus Garfield

A mashup might involve adding some new sounds:

Friday 13th Part 3 with Laugh Track

Or editing together a new trailer:

Hercules (X-Men: Apocalypse Style) from a legendary ds106er!

You could say Everything is a Remix. This week everyone gets to join in the fun.

Mashups and Remixes

Let’s have fun with the assignments this week and connect as many as humanly possible to our theme.

Mashups – Do 8 stars of mashup assignments. Don’t like the assignments? Make up your own!

Do 2 Remixes – Choose two assignments from any category and use the Remix It button on them. We’re not counting stars on Remixes. Just do two. Here is an example of using the Remix button:

Can I make a mashup or remix from something that has been created for the class already?

Certainly! Not only can you, but you should! Let’s build on what we’ve made. Use something created for the course for at least one of your projects this week.

Still looking ahead: Our final project prompt was, “What is the story you want to share with the world?” We worked on brainstorming ideas and expanding ideas and sharing our thoughts. Do you have an outline for your story? Or do you still need to think it through? Take some time this week to work on that. If you want to bounce ideas around, or if you want to find people to work with, use the Discord channel for #finalprojects. You are welcome to continue to blog about your ideas.

Posts of the Week: What is the Best of ds106 this week? Pick the top three posts from the class and enter them in this form.


Same as always, except more.

Daily Creates

Let’s do three this time.

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