The Tops of Ten

A lot of people had fun with video this week. Here is what the class picked as the best of the week:

Every hour vlog

I really enjoyed this vlog, as I love watching volgs anyways. I found this to be very creative and inspiring. I want to make one of these myself one day.


Diverse and interesting videos that are edited together to communicate a cohesive narrative. Great job taking your videos and putting them together.

Day In My Life

I love how she did a tiktok. It was very fun to watch and I liked the song choice

I think this was the best post this week. I enjoyed seeing her day and the creation of the video.

A very cool journey throughout the day.

A Short Western Animation

The animations were very neat!

It is apparent that she put a lot of time and effort into this project and it flows together really well in a unique and creative way.

The creator clearly put a lot of time and effort into this, not only using IMovie, but Procreate as well. This, combined with the music, work together to create a great sense of atmosphere.

Inception Inspection

The voice over is done well and thought through. You can tell she took the time to really analyze the scene.

This was so detailed and thought out.

Time Laspin’

Very colorful and thoughtful. Very nice

I loved how this captured such an expansive event into a few seconds

Get Ready With Me!

I love get ready with me videos and she did a really good job editing it

Instant Replay

This post is really funny actually. I thought the editing of the video was a great pick because it allowed us to see the top of the pumpkin fall off in slow motion.

Freshman Memories

This made me smile because I love looking back at the good ol days and remembering all the fun times I have had with friends since being here at UMW.

GRWM nightime

I like that it felt like a daily vlog. I used to do daily vlogs.

Arrow Dancing

I love the fact that you used that audio.

What I Eat In A Day!

I liked it and it meets all the requirements

Best of Fall 2021 So Far

This was very wholesome. Love it.

Stop Motion

I really enjoyed watching this stop motion video! It made me want to make one

Music That Fits The Movie

The scenes and the music went perfect with one another.

Every Hour Vlog

I really liked how the light changed throughout the day. It was an interesting detail that I might not have noticed in earlier weeks, but thanks to the editing work we did this week, I did.

James Corden

I just thought it was a cool idea that was well put together and it was funny and entertaining to watch.

A Toast to My Dear Friend

I was so convinced that him and Danny were friends! A really creative and fun video!

Real Life Cooking Show

Very funny and expertly edited. Great choice of music that compliments the shots well.

Healthy Food Challenge

I really think this post inspired me, I like the meal. I think it is something that I would want to try out. I also like the recording of the video.


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