Week 6: And the awards for best design go to…

Another banner week for ds106! Did I count right? 33 posts got chosen, possibly a new record. Here’s what was picked, and what people had to say.

Fluffer’s Got This

Really nailed the motivational poster format on this one. Awesome work!


Fluffer does got this.

I love the fun factor of this motivational poster, and it’s message!

Breakfast Cereal

I really liked how Bob Ross was incorporated into this design of cereal. The “Happy Little Pebbles”, was a great name for the cereal. I also, like the colors that were used for the design and it overall was a design that I would not have thought of. I would say this was the most creative post, that I liked for this week.

I loved the incorporation of Bob Ross again. It was well designed and the the title “Happy Little Pebbles” fit perfectly with the Ross theme.

I thought this was super creative

Some Ink

I really liked the design of this tattoo, and I could immediately tell its meaning. It is a reminder that “I am enough”, therefore I think there was a great job done with this assignment. It was simple, but inspirational, this design definitely inspired me.

I thought this design was very beautiful and I love the thought that went behind it. It has a beautiful message.

License Plate

It’s a really cool concept.

I love the inclusion of Bob Ross and it looks really good

Tea Time

This poster design is simple yet incredibly effective. The way the text looks like it’s tea pouring from the teapot is amazing!

DS106 Propoganda



Design Assignment: Design A License Plate

I loved how this assignment incorporated out class. It is very creative and looks great!

Design Assignment: DS106 Fashionista

This really shows her talent for design.

Design Assignment: Word

Simple, but incredibly creative and effective design. It’s a great idea that is executed to perfection.

The Happy Haylie

Her menu design looked professional and well thought out. It was simple yet had some spice by adding a backdrop of little yellow stars.

Spooky T-shirt

I love this shirt! The balance of classic Halloween icons is great. I wish it was actually for sale…


I think this design really stood out to me, because it was something that involved our school. I really liked the design of the poster and it would definitely be something I would want to attend. I think there was definitely meaning shown throughout the photo on this poster as well.

Vogue Cover


Coffee Hour

I just love how this one is put together. It is modern, the colors are bold, and it is also simplistic. Very nice

Daily Reminder

I just really appreciated how well put together the poster was and how professional it looked.

The Coffee Bean

I think grace did a great job at keeping her design simple yet professional.

Simple, but detailed logo

I thought this design was done very well. It is both very simple but also very detailed which is exactly what the assignment was.

A Dream Come True

I just love this invitation. I love the colors, the layout, and especially how the typeface juxtaposes the floral images

Fur-Every Family Wanted

I really liked this post because it went above and beyond and made a real poster to help a puppy get adopted. Many people in this class will see the post and hopefully someone will find a home for the dog.

Let’s Meet Up

I love the dog conent.


Kylie did a great job at maximizing the space with her design but not overloaded the poster. The balance is just right!

Barcode Bob Ross

I liked the creativity of this and how she involved the class theme along with it.

Greetings from the 4077 MASH!

This post shows great attention to detail and a clear appreciation of the source material, resulting in a very high quality piece of art.

Gif Time Babee

This GIF is amazing. I love the retro look and how clean the animation is!

Aye! Why he on Vogue

lol. Definitely not taken in the library.

KISS logo

The logo is simple yet elegant.

On the cover of a magazine…

The post was well thought out as well as creative. It was so cute to do a “children’s edition” of vogue.



Movies From Another Time

It’s awesome how authentic this poster looks. It works even better considering how the themes of Get Out apply perfectly to this time period.

Honest Bloodborne

Well thought out and creative.

My Bob Shirt

Can we petition to have this made for real?

My Tag

Walker made his own design and clearly incorporated our theme of Bob Ross!



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