Week 4: Posts of the week

painting detail showing wooden fence posts next to a barn

If I can count correctly, we had 35 different works chosen as Posts of the Week. 14 had multiple votes. This is fantastic, and it says something about the variety of talent and creativity in the class. It also shows that there is an audience for the art we make out there somewhere. You never know what speaks to people, what people will connect with. The bad news is that only 19 people cast votes. That means a lot of people are missing out. Here are the group’s picks, along with what people had to say about them:


I loved this post, it told a story and was humorous as well. I found this one to be the most creative, because of how the GIF was created. I was really surprised of how the puppy was almost being dragged across the grass, this would have been something where I would like to see what else the puppy could do.

The GIF is so cute!

I love dogs, so how could I not love this post? The video was so cute and captured exactly how puppies act, so adorable.

It is a very funny post! I enjoyed it a lot!

Monkey see, monkey do

I thought this post was creative. It used an old saying and made it into new content.

I loved this assignment because I love how Haylie writes a story along with completing the assignment. She also did an amazing job recreating the emojis. I thought it was great how she was able to connect the story and the emojis so well.

I really liked this post, so much that it makes me want to make one of these. I think it inspired me, and I will definitely be trying this one out myself. I enjoyed the story it told, I felt like I was in the actual its process.

I enjoyed the spirit of this post. I’ve always loved the phrase that the three emojis are intended to depict, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” I love the concept of the saying as well as how its poses can be parodied and re-contextualized for any other trio. I liked that this post highlighted another similar phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do,” as it serves as a fitting companion to the old saying.

Add Some Color

The bright and colorful toy machine makes a fantastic contrast against the black and white background. Excellent choice of subject and execution.

I really liked this post because the picture was really cool looking! I can appreciate the fact that Kayla went out of her way to get a free trial for an app in order to complete this assignment!

I love the chosen subject, and feel like there is a depth of meaning to this picture. I love the colors, and also appreciate the way that they were able to recognize their struggle with getting to this final image.

A Piece of Me

I like this one a lot because I did a similar thing in the past to my laptop. It wasn’t done with much forethought like with the collage seen in this post, but I can heavily relate to the idea of decorating the items around you with emblems of your personality.

A wonderful personal collage and description of the meaning behind each piece.

I thought the use of the computer case was really creative and was a brilliant way to tell someone who you are.

Lyrical Likeness

I really enjoyed Kylie’s refection about her lyric and how she connected it with her photo. Her photo of the leaf and rain drop was also beautiful. I liked how she was able to focus on the leaf and the background was blurred. Also it must have taken a lot of patience to find that perfect photo where the drop is at the tip of the leaf. All around I thought she did a good job on this assignment and I was very inspired.

Inspired me, it was a beautiful post.

I just enjoyed listening to the lyrics and the photoshop in the photo was well-done.

Mi Favorita Foto

The photo in the post is gorgeous and one of the best examples of night photography I’ve seen!

This post was awesome because of the quality of the picture and the meaning behind it.

it is an overall beautiful picture

With a Splash of color!

I love the splash of color effect on the parrot! I think of parrots as being colorful birds (don’t we all) and I think by removing the colors for most of the bird, and background, it makes the color they chose to highlight pop even brighter out of the picture.

I did not know you could turn parts of the photo black and white versus making the whole photo black and white so I really enjoyed the color contrast.

I love how neat it looks, especially compared to mine, especially since I did it and it was extremely difficult for me.

Color Changer

This content was so well done after changing the color of their picture it was amazing.

I love how she was able to invert the colors

Home Alone

Loved this recreation, and liked how she drew a connection with “The Scream” by Edward Munch

Life Long Friends

The video was very creative!

I love how the GIF looks vintage even though it wasn’t from that long ago. Also, it shows the story of a close friendship that could not possibly be separated.

Poetry Poster

I think this post in really well done. I love that Kylie used a picture she took and then chose a poem to best fit. I really like the contrast in the photo but also the colors on the poem. The poem was really well written so that was a plus too!

I think that the photo and the poem go well together. Not only that, but the text is laid out in a way that doesn’t obscure or distract from the photo. Great selection and great design.

Test Pattern

This is a great twist of the iconic “technical difficulties” card. I love the variety of paintings used and how their incorporated. I also greatly enjoy the doodle of Bob Ross! He is adorable.

This post is so cool! I loved how it incorporated Bob Ross into the work itself.

shocking messages

I thought Maddy did a great job on this post and I love the message she decided to show. She also did a create job conveying that message.

It has a good message and definitely makes you think.

Egg Carton Bob Ross

I love it. Too funny especially the goofy smile.


I love the style in which this was done!

Words with meaning

I really like how the combination of music and photo can tell a story. I also love Taylor Swift, so that was a bonus.

Double Trouble

I have always wanted to try this. It is so clever. Elizabeth completed it flawlessly.

Places of Peace

I really liked the collage she made, it really stood out to me. It made me feel like I wanted to be experience those peaceful places. I also, loved the creativity and how she laid out the collage, it truly told a story. This was one of the best posts of the week to me.

Who’s that GIF? (it’s Jess)

This post stood out to me because the title was creative and I love New Girl. The GIFs created perfectly depicted the show.

Analyzing my photography

Grace did a great job incorporating different kinds of pictures for each principle. I really liked that each picture had a different view and story to tell but they were all taken in the same place.

My Apartment

I thought the post was really relatable.

Minimalist Recreation of a Video Game Character

I really like Fallout: New Vegas and I think that the artist did a good job of capturing this character while following the rules of the assignment.

The Joy of Subtitles

I think we have all been watching a bit too much of Bob Ross. We are starting to talk like him.

7 Photos in a minute

I thought it was creative, and showed art all around campus

Pixel Art

The pixel art he made had to have taken forever and I commemorate that effort as the art looks awesome on its own!

Romance Novel

This post looked professionally done. Clearly a lot of effort went into it, and regardless of the setback mentioned it turned out perfectly. I would read that book!

Two Colors. Maybe Three.

Apparently my post on the same assignment inspired him to go out and do it himself. I can’t believe how striking his photographs came out and that I was the reason he choose to do it.

Color Splash

You and Your Heart

Very creative!

Ambitious photographer still working on the technicalities

Excellent reflection and wonderful photos!

The Due Date is When??

I love it and relate to it so much. No matter how much planning I do it still seem to procrastinate.

Two roles of timothee chalamet

I love how it was broken down and the details and creativity put into it.

Becoming Better Photographers

I love the perspective in the photos on this post.

Moments of Light: My Experience with Photography

I love the amount of color in the picture, and also the way they reflected on their photography. I think it is relatable and I liked how they described their method of taking photos (using the rule of thirds). I also think its interesting that they are trying to evoke a certain train of thought with their photos.

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