Week 5: Turn it up!

By my count, 26 posts got highlighted this past week. Yay! Once again, many different works were selected, for all kinds of reasons. So let’s celebrate the sounds of Week 5.


Listening to My Front Yard

I like the simplicity of it. The detail to pull all of those sounds together was really cool. It felt like this person recorded the sounds together, and not handpick and edit all the sounds together. Very well done.

She compiled a lot of different sounds and it sounds beautiful. She really paid attention to the little details. Amazing job!

I really enjoyed this post because it made me feel like I was living in my childhood home. The bug sounds, lawnmowers in the distance, and the occasional draft of wind from cars driving past were so familiar to my ears!


Scary Cicadas!

This was a very unique use of the cicada sounds and had a lot of creativity spread throughout it.

This was my favorite post because I loved the title, I loved their sound effects story, and they even added paragraphs and descriptions about the assignment!


Sound Effects Story

I liked this post because it had a lot of detail in it, and also I thought they did really good with the sound effects story

I really enjoyed this post for two reasons. The first reason was that I related to the Sound Effect Story because I am also a busy student athlete, and I recognized a lot of the sounds. The second reason is that the creator did a really good job overlapping sounds and including sounds that well represent certain events.


Radio Bumper

She did a really good job doing the radio bumper. She did an incredible job using the music background to add to her bumper. I really liked the Gossip Girl vibes.

I really liked this radio bumper, I spent some time going through and listening to what other classmates created, and this one stood out as being really nice to me. I especially liked the song choice.


That just got dark #creepyweekly

I liked this post because I thought it had a very intriguing title and I thought the creepy sound effects were spot on!

the sound effects are super unsettling and got an immediate response out of me. definitely creepy!!!


A Tripp to Fred DC

I like how she combined a memory with this assignment. I did not even think to do this when I approached the assignment. She  did a great job, and what a cool memory!

I enjoyed listening and hearing her personal story through sound.


Radio Show Ideas

I liked Hena’s radio show ideas, especially life during the pandemic because that was one of my topics.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why this? Well they wasn’t any regulation saying I couldn’t post about this type of blog, but I really enjoyed reading these ideas and I thought they sounded very interesting and I look forward to maybe even working on some of these as a group!


Im Home

I liked this post because it was super simple but went together unbelievably well! All the sounds had really well placed flow and made it sound like an original recording.

Radio Bu-bum-bumpin

I thought the creativity was something special. It took me a second to understand what was going on because it just sounded like a bad recording at first but it made sense as you continued listening. Maybe could have been a better sound selection but overall it was cool to listen to!

A Tripp Through UCLA with Kanye and Mr. Worldwide

This was such a fun assignment to read about and listen to. I could tell Cailyn spent a lot of time getting it perfect and it sounds great!

And then you die

This literally gave me chills. The way the audio is used to produce emotions out of the listener is insane.

That was painful to do!

I love Eminem and this was a cool edit!

ds106 radio bumper! aka: my first audacity creation

I like this because it sounds like the ads from Spotify, like it sounds like it could be real!

Audio Graffiti

I enjoyed this post because I think the creator had a lot of interesting takes on Digital Storytelling through audio mediums. I also liked that they included real examples of audio in one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones.

A Collection of my Favorite Sounds

These are some of my favorite sounds as well! I loved the cooking noises at the beginning.

A response from UMW?! : Daily Create Journal

Super cool that Mary Washington’s official twitter responded to one of his/her daily creates! I think that’s really cool.

Grease Inspired Radio Bumper

the radio bumper is very simple but I think it’s fun and her voice sounds happy. it also isn’t startling so it would be really good on the radio to not break the vibe of whatever was already playing

Hey Jude Cover!

She worked really hard on this assignment. She made sure the tracks matched up, paid attention to the beats per minute, and added background vocals. Great work!

Radio Show Ideas

I really like the idea this person came up with regarding the radio show idea that we will be doing in a few weeks. It’s similar to the ideas I came up with, and seems pretty fun to do!

Jordan Quartet


All The Relaxation

I thought the relaxation sound clip was very relaxing!

How much wood… 

I thought this post was really creative, because I would have never put a nursery rhyme/tongue twister with the sound of an animal feeding. I also found it really impressive that the creator was able to find the sound of a beaver feeding.

80’s Radio Commercial

This commercial sounds just like a real one. I really liked the tone of voice used in the commercial because it matches what you would typically see on T.V. Very uppity, encouraging, and I liked the choice of chic sounding background music.

When ~Corona~ Ends

This person took the audio for a song and changed one word. However, the way that one word was abruptly and obviously substituted made me laugh.

Auditory Anxiety

I think this audio track is a perfect representation of anxiety in audio form.

RM’s Radio Jingle

I really like how she added more layers for that echo affect. Nice job cropping and adjusting the volume. Good Work!

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