The ds106 dozen

It’s a dozen weeks in, but our best-of list is a lot longer than twelve. Once again, it’s all about variety, with 22 posts getting votes. One got three, and three got two, and eighteen others made the list. The posts are linked below, along with comments from the voters. But this time, I’m going to give myself a vote – mainly because no one picked this. My guess is it came in after people made their picks. 

Post Coronavirus Documentary DS106

It’s both funny and melancholy, as they intended, and also hopeful. I’m in a dark place now, so things like this help. It also shows how we can work together, even in isolation, and how bringing our ideas together yields more than the sum of the parts. Great jobs on everyone’s part!


How To Tutorial

I absolutely love how this video was done—short and sweet, informative, and it looks delicious!

Sam did a great job with this! The video quality is clear, the instructions are straight forward, and what she’s making looks really good!

The video seemed like it took so long to make! great work!

High School Memories

This must have been time consuming to find all those photos. Awesome!

A Day in the Life of Dogs

Cute and a great use of the prompt.

Tiger King In Minutes

Great use of what we have been learning combined with pop culture. I loved it!

Very productive. Long series into minutes is amazing.


Inspirational Movie

I thought this was funny how he used his crutches and then edited the clips together 

Mini Documentary 

So much fun looking at this video! Loved he was able to get outside to film this.

Oh, to be me

Very creative! Love that Carly was able to use videos that she already had on hand and edit them into a seamless video.


This was an interesting daily create and loved the content people were creating. Loved this sketch and what it represents

How to make a Moscow Mule

It was very informative!

“Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” in less than 16 minutes

Kaitlyn did a great job with editing this! She probably could have given herself more starts than what she did. You can tell she spent a lot time and effort on this video. Everything is seemless and the audio quality is really high! Well done, Kaitlyn!

The ABCs of Zuko

Very constructive. Good job.

5 Seconds of fame: Tik Tok edition

I thought these were funny and how they were all edited together. Great job! 

60 seconds of excitement while distancing

It was nice to watch this as a breather from being cooped up at home.

Lake Jump!

I’ve never been to camp, but that sounds really fun! 

More Project Ideas

Super fun idea, being a movie lover as well, I would love to compare 80s movies to now. 

Peanut Butter Baby

I remember watching that Peanut Butter Baby video when it first came out and thought it was so funny. It would have been a mess to do that whole thing but great job!

Cooking with connor


Vintage Educational Hand Washing Video

This was well done, from the intro, to the video and sound effects, to the music!

One Time Around the Sun

Edited well and really sweet

High school memories

The editing is fantastic!

Home Workout Since We Can’t Use the Gym (4 stars)

This is really good and I’m glad you were able to share your workouts with us and create a video that can help everyone else too!

Time lapse

it was just all around really good


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