The Best of Week 9

We had 36 votes for 27 different posts this past week. One post got three votes, seven got two votes, and nineteen got one vote. It is a testament to the variety of creativity that the class puts on display that so many posts were chosen. Really I think we could say that they are all winners. It is unfortunate, however, that only twelve people took part in the survey. Maybe we can do better this week.


3 votes

A Villain for a Superhero

I never would have thought to remix that assignment that way. I feel like it also shows creativity in expanding the universe around a previous creation and turning it into something more.

I love how she made a antagonist to her superhero character that she made before (which I do remember reading!)

Very interesting villain! I loved the creativity and the design put in to this villain!


2 votes

A story using my daily creates

This was a very interesting story that tala created using her daily creates! SO SUPER CREATIVE!!! I enjoyed reading this!

The author of this post came up with a connected story that really hooks you in! I found the story not only #relateable, but very enjoyable to read. They created a long, personal style narrative about wanting to move out, and I just love the word choice. For example, I love the lines, “‘What did you just say?’ My mom asks, her eyes wide. ‘Like hell you are.’ Grumbles my father.” This 100% captures the tone of parents.

The author did a great job with the story and with her connected daily creates. 10/10.

Calm Then Busy

I like the drawing!

I like how such a simple post can have a powerful meaning

Fumigator to mass murderer

I love the photo he originally took and the edited one he made. I thought it was so cool!

I really liked how by adding the blood and blade it became even creepier than it looked in the beginning. It looked really good and real with the blood, that was some good photoshop tools.

Let’s Try it Again!

I really like the new logo

I thought it was really cool how she wanted to do another story with daily creates

Disney Revisted

I love Disney and this was a really cool mix up of the most iconic songs!

It reminded me of one of my ideas for the final project. This project played with sounds and made a story out of them. It was Disney too, so that made me smile!

A CONNECTED STORY: The Hermit and no one

I really liked how they incorporated their daily creates about this week and the heremit and grandma

Good story


loved the first image, but the reworked image brought up a whole different set of emotions and thoughts. It turned out really good!

I love both works presented here. The redo looks like a album cover and turned out awesome!


1 vote

Re-Visiting Hum Hum Hum I liked how the hum was incorporating into with other sounds. The thunder sounds amazing along with the humming it really does sound calming like I could listen to all the time.

Re-Visiting Martha’s Hat I thought it was really cool how Tala was able to re-create this assignment in a new and exciting way. I also thought it was cool that they incorporated new dialects in the tv

Project Ideas These are some really cool ideas!

REMIX! Same Same But Different I love the re-do’s that this person did. His audio always makes me laugh; he puts a humorous spin on all of his bumpers, commercials, and projects. (The Walkman commercial is still my favorite though). His tongue twister re-do is even better than his first attempt, which was already good. I like how he added ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to it and made it seem like he is the tongue twisting champ!

I also like his bumper re-do; it’s 100 times better (funnier) with the added audio!

Story Time: Daily Create Edition I liked how they went into detail to make a story out of different daily creates

Assignment Redo I think that this person did a great job with their re-do’s! I just love the beagle that’s larger than life. It was a definite improvement from the first attempt, because there’s so much more visual interest in the re-do. The perspective that they achieved is incredible. I can’t stop staring at this giant dog that’s only 2 ft tall in real life!

I also love the second re-do. This picture is also very visually interesting. I like the motion blur that is happening, and it made me want to read the story that went with it.

Redone Assignments I was fascinated by the quality of photos Kuri took for her redone photoblitz! And that poster is super cool!

Project Ideas I like the format of his blog, the posters on the top of the page are very engaging. again very straight to the point which i like.

Another Maze! I like how they recognized what made it challenging and unsatisfying for them and for the redo the found an alternative way to do it.

Daily Creates I liked how she tied all three together

Week 9! I love her website, love the color scheme and how she gets straight to the point.

Storytelling through Daily Creates She made such a cool story!

Weekly Summary Week 9 I loved her organization, color schemes, and embedded posts!

Commercial redo for the 80’s I really liked what they did with the commercial, especially the beginning. I loved the sounds and I loved how nice it was!

Project ideas I like his ideas

Revisiting the Past The new work is quite inspirational

Maybe  I misspoke I really like her revised poster

80s Synth Song 2 This reminded me of a warm up and cool down workout song that I would listen to when I work out. It sounds great and flows very well!

Sunset  2 I remember him doing this assignment earlier in the semester. I’m glad he went back to it because he had a lot of fun. His second attempt was much better as well

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