Who tops week ten?

Here are our top vote-getters, with links and voter comments.

Topping the charts with three votes is:

Interview with Wisteria

I like the message at the top of the blog post and the extra editing the creator did with the interview such as editing their own voice to represent their character more specifically.

Answers are so creative! I love Wisteria’s voice

This was cleverly done!!! So funny!


Next, with two votes each:

The Job Interview

I thought that Brandon did a good job of making his interview believable but also really funny at times. I liked how he used all of the different clips that were provided for us.

I think this video is really well put together. I love the setting of his interview. He made sure to have a table to fit the setting (like the interviewer was on the other side of it) and dressed nice for the occasion.

Observe Something Grow

Super cute!!!

It’s a super cute video!

Kingsman Movie Analysis

You can clearly see the amount of work put into this assignment and how interested the creator was in their work!

I am so proud of this student, this was such a strong analysis! I thought mine would come out such as eloquent, so I am glad a fellow student was able to do such an awesome job!

Reading Batman

I thought that the reading of this scene was really good, she had a lot of insights that found interesting.

Well organized and contained a wealth of information


Also voted as top posts of the week:

of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world…

Awesome Narration

These Converse Were Made for Walking

Love the title and the video created in it

Exercise and Socialize

I thought this was really cute! We don’t typically see horses in the assignments we do. I like that she involved them!

Capture the Beauty

I thought this was pretty cool, I love time lapse videos. I like that it was outside the car as opposed to on the windshield. Different, I like it!

Fortnight Highlights

This assignment was cool because of the relevance of the topic. Fortnight is a super popular game right now and the idea of putting together all of his achievements is really creative.  

Dry Erase Storyboard

I thought that this was really fun to watch the drawing of the story happening before your eyes. I thought that the artwork was really good too!

Time Lapse Activity (Motorcycle Stuff)

I thought this was such a unique and cool assignment. I loved how he incorporated something that was a hobby and he loves doing.

Bourne for this Video Essay

The title is awesome and the content of the post is great

New Avengers Trailer

THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER! I was laughing throughout as I had just finished all of the Marvel movies and this is perfect. It fits so well and was really well edited.

Where my Shoes Take me



This made me laugh like crazy, hahaha! I love that song from Madagascar!

Mr. Video, I expect you to analyze

Animals Dancing

This is a funny video. The music goes perfect with them dancing. Good job!


My two cents, for what they’re worth:

I thought we had some impressive interviews this week. I hope that everyone checked them out. Obviously, the generous input from Director Burtis was essential to the success of the project. I get my interview technique from here:

so I’d have to say Operative Rich aced the interview.

The video essays are another favorite part of ds106. Often, people remark that they had never considered looking at movies in that way. But I think we get a deeper appreciation of the art of cinema when we analyze technique and how it is used to further a story. Awesome work on everyone’s part!

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