This week with Audio…

Our class created different audio sounds for the audio assignments this week. Some of the tasks this week were a little challenging for some of our peers while others had some experience with putting together audio files. We believe everyone did a great job!

Below, compiled a few of the assignments that we enjoyed listening to this week. Take a look!

Zae’s Wavy Seashells creation was great!

For people who have experience with using DAWs, this assignment is fairly easy for those haven’t, it could be quite challenging. We really enjoyed the sounds that you were able to create out of a drum loop. It was incredible.Awesome job  Zae!


It was enjoyable to listen to Emily’s conversation with herself as Kate and a chipmunk was pretty cool.

It was cool the way she manipulated the sound effects to make herself sound like a chipmunk. The conversation that she had  flowed smoothly and didn’’t have too many pauses where it would sound like a stop and go conversation. Great job Emily!


Kyle’s radio bumper was pretty great! It sounded just like something one would hear on the radio.

He did a great job using a soft instrumental in his background which didn’t take away from his message. Not only did he remind the listeners what radio station they were listening to, but he also included an ad like most radio stations do. When I heard his radio bumper, it made me think of Spotify because it sounded similar to the commercials they play where they try to get others to sign up for premium radio.  Nice work!


This week, I think Chloversgarden had great use of sound effects for Becoming a Super.

While listening to her audio, it sounded like a suspenseful scene in a movie. I would love to see what the video would look like paired with this audio in the background. Awesome job!


Richelle also had great use of sound effects to tell a story. Everything is very well thought out and used well!

Your  application and thought of sound effects and placement really great. Your sounds transitioned smoothly from start to finish. Nice job Richelle!


I enjoyed the phone conversation that Nora had with her grandmother.

This conversation sounded just like a conversation I would have with one of my family members. The way she presented the phone call sounded very realistic and normal especially with the use of pauses to make it seem as though Nora is listening to her grandmother’s response. Great job Maci!


Jessica did a great job putting all of her favorite sounds together.

She included the sounds of her pet cat, the waves at the beach, and pouring a cup of coffee. The sounds were so peaceful! I really felt like I was a part of this recording just by listening to it. Nice job Jessica!

Imported from Thanks to the Audio Group for putting this together!

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