web story telling

So far I’m really enjoying these web assignments! It’s pretty neat to be able to manipulate something that you might not be capable of otherwise. I love that so many people used the idea of manipulating Amazon by catering to their interests like Morph Shadow’s costume, or the resume our professor mentioned. I decided to remix the canvas home page because it’s something we all use here at Mary Washington. I wanted to keep intact the courses I actually take but describe them in a more humorous way. Here’s what it looked like:

I changed the Dashboard area and made that more of a title of the entire creation. My last semester at UMW, it definitely has been one of the chillest but that doesn’t mean I don’t have important assignments! I changed the scores of the recent feedback to obscure scores and some of the stuff on the side. Very entertaining! Unfortunately it won’t allow me to share the link because this is through MY canvas and can only be seen through my login information I believe.. Still, take a look at the screenshot!


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