This Week in ds106- Web Storytelling!!!

Kasey did an awesome job really thinking about one normal object in a more deep and meaningful way with her “Photo Through a Different Lens” assignment bank project. This post was chosen because it really expresses what this assignment was looking for. She was able to creatively take a simple household object like a cup/drinking vessel and manipulate it in different settings and with different meanings. Kasey was able to tell a story of growth and change with something as simple as cups through her images. Great job Kasey very creative!


Alaina did a really creative version of the Web Storytelling assignment for this week! This post was picked for its originality. There are hundreds of websites, articles, and internet posts that could have been edited to create or express a different story, but it was extremely innovative to chose to edit our school’s grade sharing system canvas instead! The way that she edited the canvas site to keep the courses true to their meaning, but in a more honest and humorous way was awesome! Tons of people edited shopping sites like Amazon, craigslist, and more, but only one Canvas! Very cool idea, and well done!


Leah’s Web storytelling assignment for this week was awesome! This post was chosen for its incredible detail focused execution! This edit was so realistic and well thought out that when I first looked at the post it almost looked like someone could really bid on and purchase an antique stapler! The detail and focus that went into editing this site was great! Keep up to great work.

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