The Evolution of Drinkware

From the “Select One” section I chose the object through different lenses assignment. I chose to take picture of different types of drinking objects.

Plastic Cup

Western Cup

College Coffee-holic

College Cheap Shots

Easy 21 Drinking

Term Paper Wine

Mature Drinking

Adult Mug


The type of drinkware that I’ve used over the years has definitely evolved. I though it would be fun to explore how things had changed. I stated pretty young, but since I don’t actually have a sippy cup I resorted to using a tumbler. Then I took of picture of a plastic cup which was my next main drinkware object. Then I picked a western cup from the Dixie Stampede that was in South Carolina. I had many of these at one point and they would the only thing I would think of. Then I moved on to a fun college mug to drink coffee out of. I don’t really like coffee so hot chocolate was my drink of choice.

Then I moved on to a different stage where drinks come in bottles, shot classes, and then a sophisticated mixer. This are all the fun crazy parts of college that are going to suck in the morning, but that will be the best of your life. Finally, I took an image of an “adult coffee cup” and then a champagne glass.

I think that drinkware is something that changes a little at some points and very closely at the other. You can also see aspects of these changes in my activity. Although I am still very fond of my plastic cups, I had had to switch to the adults ones ate certain times as well. I tried to edit the image to fit the feeling, the more “mature;” the darker, a warm color for the the Dixie Stampede. The editing is all really simple,  but I used to speak of the purpose of the object and the state of life that that person is.


Source: The Evolution of Drinkware