Motivating You

For my second assignment I chose this three star assignment that said to create a motivational poster.


Motivational Poster

For this assignment, I was inspired by something last week and my superhero character. Last week, when I listened to the DS 106 radio, I listened to a Batman show where, for the most part, he was very tired and needed a break. I used that inspiration for my own character. Although my character is not fighting super villains every day, health is still very important. Everyone needs their sleep to operate. So “With great power comes great need to take a nap,” featuring miss Weather Woman’s cat Clara taking her own catnap. I feel like nothing gets a message across quite like a cat poster. The “Hang in there” poster with a cat on the rope is one of my favorite motivational posters. I can picture this hanging on Weather Woman’s area at work as a reminder to take a beauty nap so that she’s refreshed to give her daily weather report.


Source: Motivating You