Minimalist Movie Poster

For the assignment, Minimalist TV/Movie Poster , I liked the idea of a minimalistic approach for a poster so I knew I wanted to do this assignment. I always think minimalism can be very powerful. I have a mini tutorial of my approach to this assignment, there are fancier more advanced ways to do this I am sure, but I just did a basic way.

I started off using the website, The Noun Project for my image. I wrote a blog postusing this website before and I loved the images and they definitely follow minimalism.

So I used a similar approach to my last blog post as I did for this one. I used google sheets.


After this blank page, I went to the noun project website and I wanted to choose cards for my cover so I searched up cards.

I then picked the image I liked best, downloaded it, then added it to my google slide.

Then I added text and picked a font that I liked. Then took a final screenshot and this was my last picture!

I hope this was helpful for anyone who is doing this assignment!








Source: Minimalist Movie Poster