The Closing Sounds of Audio Week

Through all of the sounds involved with Audio Week, a few assignments particularly stood out for their special effects.


Kelsey revolved her Sound Effects Story around her character, Jester, and entitled it “I Can See You.” This post was chosen as it really captured the essence of Jester using only sounds capturing his next victim. The sounds Kelsey used really captured the story in a way that allows you to envision the story with no visuals available to you.

Kasey’s radio bumper for the ds106 radio was chosen as it was really well put together and applies to both our class theme for the semester, as well as the radio station in general. The sounds Kasey chose for her bumper sound like something you would hear on a radio station driving down the road. The echoes of her voice and the sound effects really pull the bumper together, creating an overall great bumper.

Super Nova’s Introduction on Wonder Blog was chosen because the introduction really captured the story of the character. Super Nova’s Introduction tells her backstory and gives good insight into the character. Great audio storytelling!

Mashup: Runaway by Aurora and The Night we Met by Lord Huron on The Power of Technology was chosen because the mashup was very well created. The mashup sounds like a lot of thought went into creating the final project and was not just rushed. The two songs are mashed really well together in a way that makes it seem as though they go together.

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