Peaceful Places

The next visual assignment I did this week was worth 3 stars and is called Places of Peace.

I loved this assignment because it really made me think of the places that were important to me and what pictures could represent them. For this assignment I simply went through and picked 5 places that make me feel comfortable and peaceful and chose images to represent them. First Image I chose was my home in the general sense of Long Island. The comfort you get from knowing your neighbors and knowing exactly where you are going in a town or city because you have lived there your whole life. Then I chose my favorite little hide away site at home called Pirates Cove. It is a little shore right on the water with huge sand dunes that make for an awesome sunset spot. Another peaceful place I chose from home is a nature park with tons of interactive sites. This place is beautiful way to disconnect from our very connected world. It is full of paths, plants, sunflower fields, and my favorite part which is picture is a wooden sign that explains a large sphere in the middle of a section that represents a mailbox for those no longer on Earth so you can still write to your loved ones. Another peaceful spot for me is the basketball court. Basketball has always been a way for me to relive stress and just have fun with my friends. Lastly, my peaceful spot in Fredericksburg is at home with my four best friends and roommates in our backyard. I can always count on them and our cute little grill to relax me after a long hard day of school. I am so thankful for these spots.


Source: Peaceful Places