List of buckets…or Bucket list?


In this post I collected some photos of things that translate to items on my bucket list. I used 6 for this collage. In my life I would like to see the Northern Lights in person, this would probably include a trip up north, maybe even Alaska. I would also like to travel to ancient sites like Machu Picchu. I have traveled to Rome and Florence and was amazed by the architecture there and how it could have been built given the resources available at that time. I think Machu Picchu has more mystery and is in a gorgeous setting making it a fun adventure! I would also like to go behind a large waterfall, maybe by kayaking. I’ve been behind man made waterfalls in amusement park rides, but can’t imagine the breathtaking beauty that a natural setting would have. I’d also like to get married in a romantic nighttime wedding. I already found my guy, its just a matter of planning…and budget. I’d also like to build or renovate a home of my own someday. To be able to make it whatever I want is ideal. I’d prefer to renovate an older home that way I could keep old character and charm in the woodwork, but be able to incorporate more modern amenities like an en suite master bathroom. Porches are one of my favorite features on any home, but craftsman style homes are more my style. Lastly, I’d like to participate in a color run or maybe even a mud run. I don’t work out and I hate getting dirty, but think that an experience like this one could help me feel accomplished and get out of my comfort zone, even if only for a short while.


Source: List of buckets…or Bucket list?