Best of Mashups and Remixes

There was a lot of good work this week! People have obviously learned a lot about all of the different forms of media we have been exposed to this semester! It was a tough choice to choose our five favorites!

The first one is Thats so Proud. It was a very creative idea and was well executed. The beats of the two different TV shows’ trailers fit well together but were still different. She tied them together effectively

This Patrick Star Remix was one of our group’s favorite because it was fun! Who doesn’t love a sneaky Patrick Star in the background? It was a fun addition to the original mashup and fit well with the theme. It also added balance to the piece by adding Patrick to balance the turkey.

Another one we loved was this Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows? The shows flowed well, and the layout was nice. The way it flowed from show to show, and then had people guess the shows at the end before revealing them at the end was an effective way to lay out the video. We also really enjoyed the music!!

We really appreciated the “Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink” assignment. The sharks blended in with the original picture beautifully and everyone understands what is happening & why it’s funny. It was a very unique take on the assignment and the final product is awesome!

For our final assignment, this one was really interesting since it was a remix of a mashup assignment. It’s 2 different twists added to one picture! Target is a very common current obsession in college students, so many people can relate to the “I’m loving it” caption. The French twist makes it even more interesting and makes it look fancier. It makes us do a double take and want to figure out what it says. It was very creative!

We were really impressed this week by our fellow DS106ers’ mashup and remix work! We are excited to see what their final projects have in store!

Imported from Thanks to the Remix/Mashup Group for putting this together!

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