DS106 Web Storytelling Feature

Last week, everyone worked hard on their web storytelling projects, and we’re happy to showcase some of your hard work this week! Great job everyone.

My favorites of the week:

Maddie’s post this week in transforming a web page is one of my favorites because of the creativity involved. It was an excellent idea to use ratemyprofessor.com for this assignment, and I love it because I can imagine something like this being used in the Harry Potter universe for the students to rate professors like Dumbledore. The care she took in writing the student’s comments is evident in her work as well as her write up, as she describes the research she did on the Harry Potter universe for her website. Great job, Maddie!

Tiffany’s post was one of this best this week because it demonstrates a unique form of web storytelling with google maps. She charted her run through the University Campus, creating a unique piece of art with her finished results, a story that couldn’t be told any other way. What can you see in her finished product? Overall, it’s a really impressive art form that shows her connection to the campus, and a really impressive run! Great job, Tiffany!

Emily’s favorite posts of the week:

This was a super creative post! It provides great description of the method and process of creating the assignment. The assignment was very original and also ties into the character which makes it even better. This was one of my favorites for the week because I remember hearing about the repellent on the radio show and it was nice to be able to see what it would look like. This was a great assignment!

This was an excellent Pinterest board for home design! It explains in detail about why she chose each pin and was a great example of the assignment. I also really like the vision and work she put into the assignment. I really like all of the pins she chose. Great job!

Jessica’s favorite posts of the week:

I thought this was an excellent use of gifs to tell the story of Cinderella. Definitely several that I never would have associated with that story, that ended up working really well. My favorite is the cat in the box.

I love mysteries, including cryptids, and I am always excited when people use more obscure folklore for stories! This was very well done, and using the Smithsonian was an excellent detail.

Imported from http://ds106.jessicaspranger.com/ds106/ds106-web-storytelling-feature/. Thanks to the Web Storytelling Group for putting this together!

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